Swapping your door hardware can seem intimidating if you’re new to diy home improvement or power tools, so I made you a couple videos to guide you through it.

I recently swapped out all the hardware in my house from builder grade chrome knobs to gorgeous gold levers. This swap not only looks AMAZING, it added a ton of functionality since my doors close more quietly and I was able to make more of them locking.

I’ll guide you through swapping out your hardware from start to finish and answer all kinds of questions you might have about the process. Check out phase 01 + the video below if you’re just starting this process and need to know how to pick your hardware or skip to phase 02 if you already have your door handles and just need to know how to install them.


Phase one is choosing your new hardware — I talk you through all kinds if thinks you need to consider like:

  • whether you want a knob or lever
  • what finish looks best in your space + matches your style
  • non-turning (dummy) handles vs turning handles and where to put them
  • if you need to match your hardware to your hinges
  • where to put locking handles + how to make any handle lockable by buying the right hardware


Phase two is installing your new door handles— I talk you through the step by step process for how to switch them out. I’ll show you how to remove the old handle and locking mechanism as well as the strike plate. Then we go over how to install your new handle + some pro tips.

You don’t actually need power tools for this process — using a screwdriver is recommended, especially for beginners, since using a drill can damage your hardware if done incorrectly. I use a drill to install mine and make sure to keep it on low speed and drive screws slowly.

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