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Time for a little update on my current space transformation!

I'm always getting questions about my design process and requests for in-progress shots where I show you how some of my space makeovers progress, so today I'm so excited to get to share that with you for the Brunch Babe space!

What is the brunch babe space??

Back in July I attended a DIY / Home Blogger conference called Haven and got to be a part of the Orange Tank pitch competition. As part of the competition, I shared my dream project with The Home Depot along with 12 other designers and was absolutely honored when they picked my project! My space was a multi-use studio that's part workshop, part content creation area, and part office.

Here's the original moodboard I made as part of my pitch:

My dream for this project is to create an unapologetically feminine space where I can not only create amazing content and design amazing spaces, but also host workshops and even AirBnb experiences to connect with you all IRL and teach you hands-on how to DIY big!

It's finally time to make this space a reality — I've been hard at work planning and crushing projects and I'm excited to update you on how it's going. Let's chat a little bit about my design process + check in with some of the projects I've finished.

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

Because this is my own space, the design process looks a lot different then how I would be designing for a client. It's a little more freestyle and includes a lot more experimentation than would be possible if I was working with a client.

This is such a great project to be giving you a peak into because its the same approach you'd be using when designing your own spaces in your own homes vs planning out every intricate detail ahead of time like an interior designer.

the design: moodboarding

Moodboarding is probably the most essential step of creating a great design. It lets you see how all the different elements work together and flow to create a space that's cohesive and polished.

I start by taking screenshots of Pinterest inspo pics + the products I was loving from The Home Depot. I uploaded them to Canva — my favorite free software for creating collages, and arranging them to give me a feel for the space.

I swap in different elements and products to see which ones work best, usually starting with a base piece (like this amazing yellow couch) and then swap out different pieces (like throw pillows) til I find the look I'm in love with.

The floorplan: space planning

The more functional side of planning a space is taking measurements and creating a furniture layout. The most important elements when it comes to this phase are furniture scale and traffic flow.

The furniture needs to be proportionate to the room that it’s in — for example, a huge table in a small room would make the room feel crowded. You also want to think about traffic — making sure there is enough walking room around furniture pieces, in and out of doors, etc.

I measured and made a quick sketch of the room to see how everything would fit. I played with a couple different layouts until I found one I loved. I thought about how things would look next to each other, but also how I’ll be using the room and what layout best works with what I’ll be doing in the space

The vibe: color palette

My method for building a color palette that looks polished and professional is to start with a pattern or print — this could be a rug, a piece of art, etc. — and pull colors from that. I covered this process in detail both in this podcast episode and also on my stories if you want to learn more, but here’s the scoop on what I did for this space.

TIP: your inspo piece will help you create a cohesive color palette but doesn't have to be included in your space

for example, the rug I'm matching to is very bold — so much so that I'm not sure it will make it into the final space (I have a backup neutral one just in case), BUT I love the colors and it helped me create a cohesive palette

I started with this gorgeous rug, and matched different colors to it. When I say matched, I mean stayed in the same color family, but not necessarily found an exact match.

note: these colors are all by Behr and available at The Home Depot  

For example, there is a coral on the rug that’s a little darker than the paint color I picked to coordinate with it.

Things will still feel cohesive if you pull a color that is a few shades lighter or darker than your inspiration piece — in fact this will help your space not to feel too matchy.

project update: pegboard storage wall

I created a pegboard area both as an accent wall and to give me tons of storage in the space. I custom built the pegboard from 3/4" plywood sheets I had ripped down at The Home Depot and added these amazing black and gold outdoor lights!

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

To make the pegboard a little more unique, I drilled two different sized holes (1" and 1/2") in a diagonal pattern using a drill and forstner bits — this gave the wall more of a polka dot vibe vs feeling so boxy.

I sanded down some 1" and 1/2" dowels to fit into the holes I drilled and cut some 1"x8" boards to create shelves.

The wall is not fully styled yet — I'm saving that for the big reveal — but its already totally transformed this space!

project update: miter saw stand dresser

I converted a thrifted dresser into a miter saw stand using a little imagination and this amazing miter saw bench tutorial from The Home Depot Blog!

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

I have a full tutorial for this project coming up soon, but here are some details you might want to know:

project update: lighting trim + paint


I upgraded my existing lighting and swapped it for a LED Ceiling Light with a black finish that can change color temperature! I LOVE this light, but am still considering swaping it out for this one since it has a fan.


I added some 1"x2" boards to the top of the room to visually extend the pegboard wall and carry the warm tones around the space. I love the raw and unfinished look of the wood — its a perfect vibe for this studio space.


I painted both the walls and the floor white. For the floor, I used PPG Timeless White, which is the white that HGTV designer Leanne Ford recommended to me when I had her on episode 17 of the Make Space Podcast.

For the floor, I used a white Concrete & Garage Floor paint by Behr. This went such a long way to brighten up the space! I plan on sealing it with this clear concrete finish.

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

I'm so excited to dive in and make more progress on this space over the next few weeks! With some of the big projects out of the way, I'm even closer to being finished and being able to show you the big reveal!

Be sure to tune into my instagram for a behind the scenes look at some of the projects I have coming up in here. Here's what I have coming up:

  • A "paint bar" featuring paint storage displayed as a fun accent wall
  • Wallpapering my FRIDGE with some floral wallpaper
  • Building a modern base for my huge worktable
  • Bringing in all the furniture + pillows + decor elements and styling them in the space.

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pin things - pin images from this post

pin things - pin images from this post

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