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Disclaimer (Brands)


Everything on this site is created by me, unless otherwise noted. Most all of the photos I use are taken by me or of me by my photographer. Other photography might include stock photos, but only those I own rights to or have permissions to use. My images may be shared across the internet, but I do ask that you link back to my website as the source or tag me on social @neverskipbrunch. Please ask permission before featuring my images on your site or social. Commercial use does require a commercial license which can be negotiated based on specific use, and commercial use without prior permission will result in an invoice for that use plus a fee.



Please do understand that, as an influencer, there are times when I am sent free items in exchange for product placement on my blog. I love to try new things and I am grateful for every offer, but I must be loyal to my readers and be selective as to whether the item is on brand with my content and whether or not it will be of interest or benefit to my readers. I like to share only the things I find to be amazing products or services with my readers.

I’m also 100% honest with my reviews and thoughts. If I dislike a product, I will either post an honest pros and cons review about the product, or refrain from sharing it with my readers, depending on both my personal preference and brand preference. If you'd like to send me a product without establishing a collaboration structure and timeline, I will still take the time to try the sponsored product(s). If it is a good fit for my brand, I will not hesitate to share it with my readers. However, if it is questionable in terms of quality or being on-brand with my blog, I can give you discretion as to whether you want an honest pros and cons review, or for me to refrain from reviewing it at all. Sending or gifting products does not guarantee coverage or placement on my blog or social media channels.



Just like gifted products, I am selective with choosing content for sponsored posts. I will consider all content that is related to my blog, but I don't guarantee that everything will be a good fit.  When it comes to posting sponsored content, I do not accept prewritten text or articles. In order to keep true and genuine to my brand and style for my readers, I copywrite all my own posts and content. Prices for sponsored posts vary depending on the time that goes into it and I cannot guarantee positive reviews, unless I have already used the product or service in the past.



Like most influencers, I do use affiliate links to earn commission when linking to products. This benefits both my readers and I, as I am able to link you to the exact or similar product for easier access. Most all of my affiliate commissions goes directly back to investing in this blog. Affiliate links appear on the blog at my discretion, and can appear within sponsored posts. If you'd like the collaboration content I create to exclude affiliate links, this can be negotiated.



I’m often asked by brands how long it will take for me to publish posts and content for collaborations and sponsored post(s). This varies greatly on the product or services to be included in the collaboration(s). Preference is given to paid collaboration over gifted products, but we will establish a post timeline at the very beginning of our working relationship, once we settle on the type of content to be published and collaboration structure we will use. Products sent or gifted without a collaboration structure are not guaranteed a timeline or coverage.



If you’d like to collaborate with me in any shape or form, please feel free to contact me at CHEERS@NEVERSKIPBRUNCH.COM. My prices do tend to vary for different types of posts, so feel free to send over your price targets or budget specifications when shooting me an email! Please note that I do receive a lot of emails each day, so it may take a day or two for me to reply. If you have an urgent enquiry please include “IMPORTANT” in the subject line.

Thank you so much!!

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