10 Tips for your most Luxurious Shower with Hansgrohe
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This post is sponsored by hansgrohe on behalf of Everywhere Agency. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Take your most relaxing shower Showers can feel like a chore, especially if its something you do everyday. It usually takes me a while to build up the motivation to shower. It can feel like so much…

Relaxing Fall Facial at JLounge Spa
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A fresh fall face Igot invited in for a facial at JLounge Spa in Boulder, CO and I'm bringing you with me behind the scenes for a peak at my super relaxing fall facial. I LOVE Boulder as a weekend getaway from Denver — which you might already know if you saw my Romantic Weekend Getaway at…

What I love about face masks + my Alba Botanica fave
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creating a skincare ritual I‘m skincare obsessed — but you probably already know that. The secret to great skincare is not only finding the right products, but taking the time to build a routine that you can stay consistent with. That second part took me a while. I was a makeup-wipe-and-done kind of girl — I dreaded investing…

Explore my Makeup Bag + $800 Sephora Giveaway
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sephora Essentials Giving Sephora all my money is apparently one of my favorite hobbies. Who doesn't love all the amazing product options and super satisfying selection of minis? I'm opening up my makeup bag and sharing all the things I use for my everyday (and night) makeup looks. You can flip through the slider and…

Weekday Relaxation: Tips for Unwinding + Spa Time with Parasilk
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An at-home spa evening You have to take good care of yourself. Maybe you’re a pro at creating space for yourself and getting in a little “me time” or maybe your schedule is always too packed that it’s the last thing on your mind. Either way, it’s time for us to sit down and talk…

Summer Skincare Faves!!
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click to shop: Which pick do you want to try? What is your fave summer beauty product? Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

Summer Skincare Survival Guide
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This post is in partnership with Alba Botanica. Summer Skincare H ello sunshine! It's almost time for days spent by the pool and weekends spent by the beach - preferably with a cocktail in hand. We're already all set with our swimsuit picks (HERE) and some adorable summer floral dress styles (HERE) - so now it's…

Skincare Revamp: Daily + Weekly Routine
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Let's get something clear...your skin. O k, I maybe can't clear your skin up completely, but I am going to share my daily and weekly skincare routine and why I do what I do. Hopefully, you will find some helpful tips to improve your routine, or maybe even adopt my whole thing if you are like I was…

What the Ugly Duckling Can Teach Us About Modern Womanhood ?
816 1056 Kaylee // The Girl From Oklahoma

  a guest post by Kaylee Jones We all know the story of the ugly duckling. He grew up an outcast, because he looked different from his peers. However, after seeing his reflection in a pond one day, he realized he had never been a duckling at all; he was a swan who’d grown up…

Keep the Love Coming // Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt Scrub DIY
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Keep the love coming after Valentine's Day with a little DIY spa. If you tuned into my 4 steps to self-love post, you know that while good self care isn't all there is to self-love, it can still play a really huge part . This Sweet Rose Sugar & Salt scrub is the perfect way…

A Tale of Two #TargetRuns
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Target run meaning...just in case: Target Run: n. /ˈtärɡət rən/ A shopping trip to the department store, "Target." A: "How does every trip to target end up costing us at least $50" B: "Because I go in for batteries and milk and come out with at least ten other things."   one. She looked up…

Clean Beauty Gift Guide
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 Maybe you need to snag some good-for-you beauty products for her, or maybe you need a gift for the clean-beauty guru on your list.  Either way, I've got you covered in this clean beauty gift guide. Green beauty often gets a bad rep for not being as "effective" as mainstream beauty products. While that probably used…