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11 Flowy Floral Dress Styles Every Fashionista Needs for Summer


Flowy Summer Florals

T he floral dress is an essential part of any fashionista's summer uniform. It's easy to know why: Floral dresses are fashion salads - all kinds of adorable trends all tossed together in a perfect and colorful combo. Some solid summer trends we're loving this season include sheer and translucent fabrics, lilac palettes, and ruffles. Pairing any of these with a floral print on one of the 11 styles below is a recipe for the perfect summer look. Time to cover 11 floral dress styles that are summer staples + over 30 picks for each style all under $100:

1. Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves bring the fun and drama to a sweet summery floral. They contrast well with a fitted sheath dress for a dramatic flair, but you can also find them on a light and flowy dress for a more boho vibe.

This trend has stuck around since last year, and it's a perfect pick for an elevated floral dress, especially for a summer date night. Sleeves that hit above the wrist are ideal for a bell sleeve pick - and if you've ever tried to wash your hands in a bell sleeve ensemble you know why.

2. Cold Shoulder Peek-a-boo

Do you have shoulders? Perfect, spring and summer are apparently all about them. Back again, the cold-shoulder cut can be found on every style of top or dress, and adds a little interest and dimension to summer dress styles. They're also a nice way to free the shoulders compared to off-shoulder tops because you might not have to wear a strapless bra. (if you do, here are some bra tips for this cut) If you've had enough of it, keep scrolling - but if your shoulders are the thing to flaunt and you're ready to keep rocking this trend, here are some adorable picks you'll love:

3. Fit and Flare

Versatile and feminine, fit and flare cuts are universally flattering. They've got an hourglass shape, and work with any body type - curvy or straight. The cut helps define the waist - whether it's something you want to accentuate or even give a little more definition to. This timeless cut is perfect for spring and summer when paired with a fun floral print. Here are some perfect picks:

4.  Wrap Dress

This style has a timeless vibe and an hourglass silhouette like the fit and flare, but with a more relaxed and comfy feel. A 70's essential that's been given new life within the past couple years, wrap dresses come in all kinds of fabrics and cuts - including the real deal wrap and tie version and faux wraps that offer some added safety from wardrobe malfunctions. This retro style works for any body shape, just choose the right cut and fabric - whether structured or light - to fit you:

5. Shirt Dress

You can't go wrong with a floral shirt dress. You can wear them alone in the summer, and then layer them over leggings and boots for a cold-weather casual look later in the year. This style can make an appearance on a date night or at the beach. How to spot a shirt dress? Telltale signs are a structured collar and buttons, but the basic idea is a shirt that is long enough to be a dress. It's basically a more intentional version of those somehow perfectly-fitting shirt dresses the girl in finds herself in after staying the night with a guy in every rom com ever. Turns out buying a shirt dress on purpose is way cuter:

6. Choker / Bar Neckline

First chokers made a solid comeback from the 90's and now they're gracing the necklines of tops and dresses. Choker necklines come with any and every cut and style of dress, so you can rock them on your favorite silhouette. They add some helpful structure to plunging necklines and act as a built-in accessory - perfect for the girl who isn't big into adding a statement necklace to spice up her look. They're also a great compliment to some sassy statement earrings or strappy heels.

7. Long Sleeve

Perfect when you want a spring or summery feel, but don't have the warm temps to back it up. Long sleeve floral numbers are great for a breezy summer date night or for a workday look (especially if your office is a little excessive with the AC). These are another great option to layer over denim and pair with booties later for a cold weather look.

8. Off Shoulder

Yes these are still in, but the trend is also evolving and getting some fresh new vibes. You can style your off shoulder pieces in a little more fashion forward manner by layering them - think fun and lacy bra straps, classic white tees, etc. If you're still loving the trend, go ahead and rock it as-is. Giving your shoulders some summer sun via a shoulder-less floral dress is a perfect go-to. As always, there is a pattern and style for everyone. P.S. if you find yourself having bra struggles with off-shoulder cuts, you can check out some tips HERE.

9. Maxi

One of summer's must-have staples, maxi's are perfectly polished and totally effortless. Grab a bright and loud pattern for a sassy look or opt for a light and airy pastel print if you want something a little more subtle. These are a perfect spring to summer transition piece since you can pair them perfectly with booties or sandals, and add a light layer if things get chilly.

Sheer and translucent fabrics are especially in for this season, which are perfect for a breezy style that isn't too hot.

10. Asymmetrical / Hi-Low

Asymmetrical dresses add movement and interest while letting you show off a little more leg. The hi / low dress is the classic, but this season hems are swaying in all directions with side-asymmetric cuts and multiple jagged styles. The cut can be simple, but it adds a little interest and motion to the outfit with a more dramatic drape. Which asymmetrical cut is a perfect fit for your summer wardrobe:

11. Sheath Dress

If you want a less flowy option, sheath dresses are perfect for a fitted silhouette. Opt for ruffled or bell sleeves on this cut if you prefer a fitted shape but still want a little but of flowy-ness and texture with your summer floral.

My Current Fave:

Floral Ruffle Wrap Cami Dress

My current favorite floral dress is this ruffled wrap dress from Express. The ruffles add fun and bouncy movement while the faux wrap makes for a perfect fit. I also love the big bright floral pattern with the blush pink base. Plus its oh so soft and has adjustable straps.

What do you think? Which summer style are you going to rock? Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

P.S. The dress I'm wearing was gifted to me by express. This post may contain affiliate linking. While these links don’t cost extra for you to use, a percentage of all sales made through these links will help fund future Never Skip Brunch content. 

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Foral Ruffle Wrap Cami Dress – Express

pin things - pin images from this post - pinterest graphics
These 11 summer floral dress styles are must have for casual summer outfits. Which summer floral dress outfit is your perfect summer style? | #liveyourblold
Summer Swimwear trends one piece I love this one piece side cut out because of the perfect floral and the open one piece cut outs. The faux knot bikini vibe is perfect for summer | #liveyourblold
Summer Swimwear trends one piece I love this one piece side cut out because of the perfect floral and the open one piece cut outs. The faux knot bikini vibe is perfect for summer | #liveyourblold

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