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10 Tips for your most Luxurious Shower with Hansgrohe

shower routine | shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #skincare #beauty

This post is sponsored by hansgrohe on behalf of Everywhere Agency. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Take your most relaxing shower

Showers can feel like a chore, especially if its something you do everyday. It usually takes me a while to build up the motivation to shower. It can feel like so much effort when there is so much to take care of — whether it's your in-shower to-do list, working up courage to get out of the warm water 😂, or dealing with getting you hair all pulled together afterwards.

I'm the queen of stretching my time between showers — with cute headbands & dry shampoo to thank — but showers are a super easy way to work in a little extra self-care and have a luxurious experience that helps you either clear your head before you dive in to your day or wind down and relax. I'm sharing my tips for a luxurious shower + dishing all about my favorite piece of shower technology to give you a spa-like experience.


shower routine | shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #skincare #beauty

How to take a relaxing shower

1 Prep your hair 

Your shampoo and conditioner can only do so much for your hair when it comes to giving you soft and healthy hair. Your hair care should start before you even hop in the shower. I always brush my hair before showering. Hair is very vulnerable when wet, and brushing your hair when it is wet and tangled can do a lot of damage. Brushing your hair before you shower while its dry lets you get out most of the tangles so you'll only have to do minimal brushing after your shower (with a wide-tooth comb or gentle wet brush!)

I also oil my hair before showering — I apply an oil treatment or some warm coconut to my hair about 30 min to an hour before showering. This gives the oil time to penetrate my hair and give it some deep moisture. I hop in the shower to wash and condition my hair as usual, and it's left feeling soft and moisturized but not weighed down.

Once in the shower, I was my hair first and massage in my conditioner (or a moisturizing mask 1x a week) to sit while I work through my list of other shower to-dos like washing or shaving.

2 Cleanse & condition the right way 

Spread your shampoo evenly into your hands and work it into your roots — this is where most of the dirt, excess oil, and buildup is that needs cleansing. Don't apply shampoo to your ends — they are dry and fragile and they'll get a wash as you rinse the suds out from your scalp. Don't wash your hair everyday — this can leave your hair feeling dry and strip it of necessary natural oils that work to condition it.

For conditioner, I start at my ends to give them the bulk of the product, and gently work up to my scalp with just a little bit of whatever is left. I let my conditioner soak in for a few minutes (or longer if I'm swapping it for my 1x a week moisturizing mask), then I rinse with cool water.

Use a sugar scrub

Sugar scrubs have a spa-like vibe and have great benefits for your skin. Scrubs can help whisk away dirt and dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow for healthy skin, and help your skin stay moisturized (source). I love using a coffee sugar scrub to wash my body — it smells amazing (like a latte) plus coffee gives my skin a little boost of caffeine for a wake me up. Coffee grounds also contain antioxidants, so they can increase collagen production (source). PS, I have a couple sugar cube scrubbies launching in the shop soon and you can be the first to find out when they are available here.

4 Meet the beauty of water

Water has powerful effects on our wellbeing — 86% of people in a Water Census study (source) agreed that water puts them in a better mood whenever they interact with it. Letting water wash over you during a shower is not only physically cleansing, it can also help you relax. Taking a shower always helps put my mind at ease and wash away tension to help me relax.

The benefits of water are powerful, but choosing the right shower technology can do wonders to help you create a relaxing and spa-like feel for your shower time. I'm in LOVE with the Powder Rain setting on my Hansgrohe shower head. It creates gentle, microfine droplets of water that “cocoon” the body for the ultimate relaxing shower experience.  These micro-droplets are also significantly quieter than typical showers which means more peaceful moments of shower bliss.

5 Get your best shave

I always leave shaving towards the end of my routine since it gives my skin time to warm up be in the water a little to open up my pores — which gives me a closer shave. I always scrub & exfoliate before shaving since this helps release any ingrown hairs and the oil in my scrub also softens skin for a better shave.

I make sure to use a sharp razor and to rinse it well, dry it off, and store outside the shower. This helps it last longer and a dry razor is less likely to grow yucky bacteria.

6 Break bad shower habits

To get your most relaxing shower, you need to create an environment where thats possible. Not only do you need some solid shower tech and soaps that work for your skin and help you relax, you should also work to make your shower feel a little more zen. Along with your razor, don't store your loofah or washcloth in the shower where it can encourage nasty stuff to grow.

Don't take showers that are too long or too hot — this can actually strip your skin of much-needed moisture, especially in the winter months. Not only that, shorter showers use less water, which is the nice thing to do

7 Cleanse your face

Your shower is a great time to give your face a deep clean and a little massage to relax your face & help stimulate blood flow. Be careful not to use water that is too hot or scrubs that are too abrasive while in the shower since the skin is more delicate.

I like to save my face for last as this also means I can wash off any shampoo or conditioner that made its way onto my face. I also sometimes wear a moisturizing mask on my face, or rub some warm coconut oil into it to leave on while I go through my shower routine before finally cleansing my face at the end. I also like to take of my makeup with some oil and a gentle wipe before I shower, just to give my face a double cleanse.

8 Incorporate aromatherapy

I love to use scents and essential oils to help me relax and create a soothing shower experience. Whether it's just using soaps and scrubs with smells I find pleasing, or using essential oils and shower bombs which work with the steam and hot water to filly my shower with my favorite scent for a spa vibe.

Each scent can create a different vibe: find the one that works best for you. You can make your own, but you might need to work with a pro or even an aromatherapist to find your perfect scent.

9 Give your hair + skin a blast of cold water at the end

I finish my shower with a 30 second blast of cold water. Its not as fun in the winter when I'm about to get out into the cold air, but it can be a great treatment for your skin & hair. Cold water helps close your pores and your hair cuticle which locks in moisture and the good ingredients from your conditioner and also helps your hair lay flatter — giving it more shine and less frizz (source).

"Cold water immersion has been linked to increased tolerance to stress, a stronger immune system, increased fat burning, and anti-depressant effects." (source).

10 Don't skip your post-shower care

Dry your hair and skin gently — no scrubbing with your towel. Dab gently — harsh rubbing can irritate skin and leave hair with extra frizz. Don't skip your post-shower moisturizer either: this is the best time to apply a lotion, body butter, or oil to lock in all that moisturize your skin just absorbed.

shower routine | shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #skincare #beauty
shower routine | shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #skincare #beauty


my new hansgrohe showerhead

I already talked a little about how amazing the PowderRain setting on this showerhead is, but I wanted to share a little more about it since its an inexpensive way to add a little luxury to your shower routine and help create a relaxing place for you to do some daily self-care.

A simple shower upgrade can make all the difference in your daily routine – creating a personal sense of luxury. This shower head was a simple swap to make my shower feel like one in a 5-star hotel. It took only about 5 minutes to install, and I'm so obsessed. 

The PowderRain feels gentle and soothing, while still being super great at rinsing away all my suds and shampoo. Its is engineered to envelope the body to reduce splashing. If you could use a shower upgrade that is inexpensive, you can snag yours HEREI got the hand shower since it fit my shower best and I love the removable option, but they have two other styles available. 


shower routine | relaxing shower | shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #skincare #beauty


Which shower tip is your favorite? Are you ready for a little shower head upgrade?  Leave a comment below, or use #NeverSkipBrunch

P.S. This post is in partnership with Hansgrohe

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shower routine | shower tips | relaxing shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | hansgroheusa | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #neverskipbrunch #beauty
shower routine | shower tips | relaxing shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | hansgroheusa | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #neverskipbrunch #beauty
shower routine | shower tips | relaxing shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #neverskipbrunch #beauty
shower routine | shower tips | relaxing shower tips | shower routine for your best skin | never skip brunch by cara newhart #style #neverskipbrunch #beauty
pin things - pin images from this post

never skip brunch by cara newhart

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    Thanks for the idea to use a 30-second cold water blast at the end of a hot shower. We’re hoping to get a water heater installed in our home soon. So far, we’ve just been using wall-mounted units, and it’d be nice to have hot sink water.

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