Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #CHRISTMAS #diy #homedecor #neverskipbrunch

Winter weather is in full swing and you might want to take a break from cleaning & organizing to just cuddle up on the couch with your favorite throw, heart-warming beverage of choice (mine's wine), and some books filled with gorgeous images and amazing home inspiration.

Yep, that does sound good. Check out my favorites below and don't forget to pin this post for later. Oh plus you can use the books as decor, because they're all simply gorgeous.

my picks:  home decor books to cozy up with

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

01: the new bohemians by Justina blakeney

Filled with colorful images of cool & collected rooms — plus DIY tutorials that inspire you to dive in, this book is the perfect inspiration if you're stuck in a rut when it comes to your home and decor. Through the pages a story begins to emerge: that no matter what your budget you can build and collect a home you love with a little creativity.

You're guided through 20 different homes from across the country that showcase boho home design in all kinds of ways. This book has a special kind of inspiration for me, since Justina was literally the first-ever home decor blogger I ever followed on instagram and one of the first people to teach me how to properly break design rules in pursuit of creating a space I truly love.

02: wild at home by hilton carter

At a time where I had dubbed plant parenting a spectator sport and resigned myself to the fact that I was destined to faux plant ownership forever (because I had killed ALL my real ones) this book came to the rescue. Surely if this guy and his wife can care for over 300 plants — which are thriving — I can learn to care for one and keep it ALIVE.

This book is a simple and realistic guide to plant parenthood with the most essential tips for caring for plants, plus how to style them in your space so that they thrive. Filled with amazing images of a lush apartment filled with lively foliage, you'll be inspired to bring a little more nature into your space.


Hilton has another book coming out soon AND I'm working on booking him for the podcast soon — so get excited.

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

03: styled by emily henderson

If you've ever re-arranged decor on a bookshelf — moving things around a hundred times because it just doesn't look right, then this is your book. Emily shares her best tips for simple tweaks that will transform your space.

It's not about how much money you spend — impact can be created by how you arrange things and choose to style them — and you'll learn just that. Through well-planned tips and gorgeous images to give you visual examples, you'll learn to edit and repurpose and arrange your way to a home you love.

04: but where do i put the couch? by Karianne wood + Melissa Michaels

This book is essentially a FAQ for home decor and it's spectacular. KariAnne and Melissa answer 101 real-life decorating questions in a humorous and hands-on way. You can read this book cover to cover or use it as a reference to check in with when you're having a decor struggle.

It's the how-to info you need to feel confident DIY-ing your own home decor and creating a home that truly reflects your style and personality.


I sat down with Karianne for episode 14 to talk all about how to define your decor style and push past perfection to get doing. If you haven't tuned in yet, you're going to love this episode — she's one of the most joyful people I've ever met and she'll leave you feeling empowered and encouraged to tackle designing your home.

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

05: home body by joanna gaines

A crash course in home design, this book is your guide to stepping beyond inspo images and learning to discover what you like and why. You'll learn about a variety of design styles, some identifying features of each, and how to mix and strategically combine them to create a home that's uniquely yours.

Joanna walks you through different spaces to help you think critically about the needs and function of each space and marry that with design elements to create a space that's uniquely yours — and one you won't want to leave.

06: cozy white cottage By Liz marie Galvan

Farmhouse decor isn't necessarily my style, but this book sure is. Liz shares heartfelt tips for creating a space that has that special cozy at-home feeling and learning to love your home, no matter what season of life you're in.

From design basics and styling tips to encouragement and tips to help re-shape the way you think about your home, Liz will help you find joy in your spaces and teach you the process of repurposing, rearranging, and editing your spaces to transform them into cozy places you truly feel at home in.


I had liz on episode 20 of the podcast for a heartfelt and personal conversation about falling in love with your home and finding joy in your spaces through all different stages of life. She shares what cozy means to her and how to find it in your home. it's a must-listen.

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

07: dwell, gather, be by alexandra grove

We know pin-worthy inspo images aren't enough to capture truly beautiful spaces, but this book dives deep to explore how home design and decor can be used to create and influence moments of our lives. The book moves through creating spaces that support your life, to creating spaces that facilitate relationships and connection with family and friends, to creating spaces that encourage you to live a more intentional life.

Beyond design principles, this book explores how our spaces can impact our daily lives and support our wellbeing.

08: big style, small spaces By Sarah dorsey

This book explores how to incorporate great design and make a statement, even if your space is small. Sarah guides you through projects you can DIY as a perfect add to your small space and brings focus to the details to help you fill your home with warmth, personality, and unique pieces.

Dive into this book if you live in an apartment, smaller home, or rental space, but don't want to sacrifice amazing design that has big impact. You'll be uniquely inspired to create and add these multi-functional decor pieces to your home.

Such good picks! —  home decor books to cozy up with | Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | #decor #diy #home #neverskipbrunch

09: beautifully organized by nikki boyd

Organization is an art, but creating a balance between an organized space that is pulled together but doesn't feel boxed up and cold is a whole different level of art. Professional designer Nikki Boyd artfully offers her advice for finding that balance to create a home that is organized + functional AND beautiful + welcoming — all in one.

10: a touch of farmhouse charm By liz fourez

If farmhouse decor is your thing, this book is for you. Liz guides you through handmade decor projects that add charm and character to your space with farmhouse flair. Even though I don't claim farmhouse style as my own, her knack for transforming new materials into pieces that smile with character — and feel like they have a story to tell — caught my eye.

Through her projects, she teaches you how to start with brand new materials and combine and distress them to create pieces that have a sense of history.

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