In this episode, Cara sits down solo behind the mic to talk about practical tips to make your home a holiday haven, including things like a pre-holiday purge, why starting your new year's home resolutions now is the key to sticking with them, how to spruce up your bedroom to create a holiday oasis, and using your home decor to make memories + remember loved ones who aren't here. She also chats about funny things people have tried to dissuade porch pirates + some practical ways you can keep your deliveries safe.

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what i'm loving this week

table top trees: Sleek glass + colorful bottle brush trees — I'm into mixing + matching Christmas trees for decor. I'm loving bottle brush + the "Paz" glass ones from CB2 with some fairy lights.

Here are my favorites:





stuff we just need to talk about

Pack your junk in boxes and put it on your porch for porch pirates to haul away for free!

This funny way to declutter before the holidays that’s been making its way around the internet via a couple different posts. Have unwanted junk and want it gone for free? Pack the junk up and put it on your porch and porch pirates will take it away for free.

I asked you all for funny ways to dissuade porch pirates and you delivered, sending me expertly sourced clips from across the web.

Here are my top 3 favorites:

01. Bait package with glitter bomb that blows glitter all over when they open it


02. Booby trapped package that makes a firework / gunshot noise when someone picks it up


03. Talking to people through a video doorbell, sassing them or telling them to put it back

But for real, here are some tips for preventing your packages from getting swiped:

  • Video Doorbell — can be a deterrent, plus you can talk to / yell at the people trying to steal your packages
  • Amazon Key — in home or in garage delivery where the delivery person actually puts the package inside your door or garage
  • Package guard — a flat disk device the delivery person puts the package on and then if its removed an alarm sounds

FREE ways:

  • Leave specific instructions for the delivery person to make it more discreet, i.e. hide the package behind a column, deliver to the side yard, throw it over the fence
  • Amazon Locker — delivery locker at a public location like a gas station or grocery store where you can pickup your package
  • Deliver to your place of work if that’s allowed

let's talk about it!

Do you have any funny porch pirate encounters to share!? Any thoughts, insights, or tips on preventing porch pirates?

Leave a comment below or use #MakeSpacePodcast to share your response on social media (@makespacepod)


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Cara Newhart: 00:00 You were listing to the MakeSpace podcast, episode number 23

INTRO: 00:23 Welcome to make space a home design show made to inspire you to create spaces you truly feel at home in Cara Newhart sits down with amazingly brilliant guests for conversations that dive deeper than pin worthy rooms. To tease out the essentials of creating spaces that feed your soul and inspire your creativity from home design strategies to decor, advice to interior design, tips and tricks. These conversations help you dream up a beautifully lived in home. Cara is the designer and chief creative enthusiast behind Never Skip Brunch. Her work has been featured in print publications like people style watch and Denver style magazine as an influencer. Cara has collaborated with brands like Amazon,H and M, Twitter and Thrillist. Here's your host, Cara Newhart.

Cara Newhart: 01:21 Oh my gosh. Hi guys. Welcome back to the Make Space podcast. I am feeling very awake today. If you can't tell, I'm, I just wrapped up a huge roommate over. I collaborated with home Depot to transform a guest bedroom and the reveal just went live. So if you love a big before and after, you're going to want to hop over in my Instagram at Never Skip brunch to check it out because in this space I used the two extra large twin beds trick that I talked about in the holiday hosting tips episode, which was episode number 21. So if you want to see how that actually works in a space, go see this reveal. There's a whole video on my feet about how I designed it. Plus you can see how it all turned out. Also the podcast studio is getting a total makeover. I have like a whole space just for podcasting.

Cara Newhart: 02:17 Um, and I started that on my Instagram. So if you've been watching my stories, you probably saw some demo but you'll absolutely want to follow along and stay in the loop for when that is like fully underway. In terms of the fun stuff cause I feel like it'll be fun to watch a little behind the scenes of the show and see like how I record everything and where I am when I'm doing this. Um, that would just be interesting, especially if you're like a visual person. So yeah, connect with me on Instagram and let's be friends. You can DM me, we can chat people DM me like their design problems, which is one of my hobbies is like helping out when people send me photos and you're like, I'm doing this in this room and I don't know what to do or I don't know what color like that.

Cara Newhart: 02:59 Very fun to me to get to like help you guys and weigh in and help you transform your spaces. I absolutely love doing that. So today is kind of a casual episode. I know there's a lot of craziness around the holidays. If you're like me, you're a terrible planner. So even though I don't get stressed easily, I, um, kinda just feel chaotic around the holidays. So I just wanted to sit down and do kind of a casual chat with you guys and offer some tips that will hopefully make your holiday better. So the main things we're talking about is making your home a holiday Haven. And then also apparently a lot about porch pirates, which I didn't really think we were going to focus on. But once I sat down to like make some notes for this episode, it emerged as like a very important topic that we needed to cover. Okay. So let's dive in.

Cara Newhart: 04:00 Hashtag obsessed. So what I am obsessed with this week is more of a technique versus like a specific item. Um, and that is mixing and matching Christmas trees for decor. So these for the most part are like tabletop trees that I'm really into. Um, specifically like the bottle brush trees that are really popular, like all over target and kind of all over everywhere. But then I also got some glass ones, um, from my aunt in law. Is that a thing like my husband's aunt, is that my aunt in law or is it just my aunt too? I don't know. Anyway, she is so sweet. And she picked out these glass trees from CBT, which I will link in the show notes, but they are like gold and then white and then like, um, they even have like a pearly holographic ish white, if that makes sense.

Cara Newhart: 04:55 Um, and they look super great with a bottle brush trees cause the texture's really varied. Um, so I'm just loving this as like shelf decor, tabletop decor. Just mix up some trees and put some fairy lights and it's very festive, but also super simple and um, looks a little more modern. Like if you're into just white and gold or you're into like fun colors, like I bought, um, some bottlebrush cheese that are like pink and mint toned. Um, so yeah, you can just totally customize it to exactly your decor style, whether that's modern or traditional or red and green or like pink or whatever it is. Um, I will link those in the show notes. And the other good thing is a lot of Christmas decor is going on sale now, since most people have already decorated their house. Um, I'm pretty behind still because we moved.

Cara Newhart: 05:46 Uh, I have my Christmas tree up and that's about it. But I have a post that just went live about, um, my shelf decor and I made this like Marion bright lettered sign and then I all the Christmas tree styling that I'm telling you about and there's a whole video of me like moving the trees around to show you how to style shelves, which I think is a really good important video because it's one thing to see a shelf done and it's another thing to see like how you put stuff on and you have to move it and you have to rearrange. And like that is really how you get shelves, right? Like regardless of where you are in your design journey, if you're like a serious interior designer that's fully trained or if you're like a DIY person, there is still a lot of trial and error when it comes to shelves to get them perfect.

Cara Newhart: 06:33 So I like this video, not only because I can show you like how cute this mix and match Christmas tree situation is, but also so you can see the process and you can see like how I work and that might help inspire you better than like just giving you tips is like seeing it happen in real time. So that is what I am obsessed with. Check the show notes, description if you are in need of some new Christmas trees for decor. And I will also link to that post so you can see my Christmas decor and um, how I styled my shelves.

Speaker 4: 07:13 [inaudible]

Cara Newhart: 07:13 wait, what? So my, wait, what for this week is a funny way to declutter before the holidays. Um, that's been making its way around the internet via a couple of different posts. But basically the idea is that if you have unwanted junk and you want it to gone for free, you should just pack the junk up and put it on your porch and porch pirates will take it away full free. I just thought that was super funny because I don't know, I just envisioned like some of my dumb junk that I've recently been getting rid of because as we are like unpacking and moving into the new house, there's so much stuff that like what the heck is this and how did it get here? Like how did it get packed? For example, we like three packages of newborn diapers. My daughter is three. Like where have these been in our previous house that we just didn't need to, you know, donate them or something.

Cara Newhart: 08:13 Um, anyway, I just thought that was really funny cause I envisioned porch pirates like opening up all my weird crap that I just got rid of and being like, why? Um, but yeah, no getting rid of your junk, you should definitely donate it. Um, get or give it to someone in need. Give it to Goodwill. Um, recycle it. Don't just dump it off on porch pirates even though you want to because they're total jerks. So I ask you guys, I'm on Twitter and on my Instagram stories for some funny ways that you found to dissuade porch pirates. And Holy crap. Did you guys deliver? You sent me expertly sourced clips from across the web and I will link to all of these in the show notes, but I had to share like my top three favorites. So my number one favorite is a bait package with a glitter bomb that blows glitter all over when they opened it.

Cara Newhart: 09:04 This one is the best because first of all it's like a NASA scientist or engineer, I don't know. He's like literally made things that are out orbiting in space. So he's very, very good at inventing and mechanics and robots and all of that. So he literally designs this really cool package with like four phones in it so that it can record when people open it. And there's like this cup at the top and he puts like super fine glitter in it. And like when people open it, it like sprays the glitter all around the car. There's a whole video and it's hilarious. If you've not seen this, you have to go watch it because it's just so good. Like I spent so much time developing this and like testing it and it's fantastic. So that's my number one. Number two, the best way to dissuade porch pirates is basically, um, another guy that created a booby trapped package that makes a super loud noise like right when someone picks it up.

Cara Newhart: 10:03 So it uses blink shotgun shells that detonates when it's moved and it sounds like a firework slash gunshot. And the videos were really funny because the porch pirate people are obviously just like totally shocked, like people throw it or people like fall down because they're like taken aback by the loud noise I feel like they think they're getting shot at, which is, you know, kind of messed up. But like don't be stealing packages because like you deserve a good scare if you're going to be stealing things. Um, so that's my number two favorite. There's also a video for that one. And then number three, my favorite, um, is kind of a variety of sources. There wasn't like one specific one that was the best, but just like videos of people talking to porch pirates, like through their ring doorbell, like monitoring them. And then when they come to pick something up, like like talking to them or yelling at them, there was one lady that like was just talking to this guy and telling him to put the stuff back and like convinced him to put it back.

Cara Newhart: 11:02 There's another lady that's like sassing this girl telling her like, do you want me to make you a cup of coffee? And like it's just, it gets really fun. Okay. But for real, here is some actual tips for preventing your packages from getting swiped. So since this is mostly a crime of opportunity, anything you can do to make it inconvenient for people to steal is like a good strategy, which is actually, I feel like my life strategy for various things. For example, like when people hit on me, I like to make it so inconvenient or uncomfortable for the person trying to talk to me. So they literally choose to remove themselves from the conversation. Like, Hey, what's your name? I don't have one. You know, just stuff where it's like, so out of left field they're like, okay, well I don't like this so I'm going to leave.

Cara Newhart: 11:49 That's the kind of scenario we're trying to create for porch pirates is like, Nope, I'm going to go to the next house because that's a whole situation. Looks hard, not going to do it. So the number one obvious deterrent is a video doorbell, um, because people don't like being recorded doing illegal things. So I feel like this has, has mixed reviews though because in some cases it's very helpful. In some cases people like talk through it and they're like, yo, put it back. But in other cases it's like people are just so fast that even with video evidence, it's also hard to prosecute. Um, porch pirates because it's like a misdemeanor. It's not like there's huge consequences for stealing a package. Um, but I feel like a video doorbell would help. It's better than nothing. Um, square one. The second option, which I haven't tried but might, is Amazon key, which if you haven't heard about this, basically it's like in home or in garage delivery.

Cara Newhart: 12:49 Basically the Amazon delivery person has like a code to access your garage or like a smart lock on the front. And I don't think you just like straight up give them your garage code. I feel like it's more nuanced where the code changes or something to that effect. But then you also have a camera set up so that they open your garage, put the packages in and then close the garage. Or if you're like in an apartment or opt for the front door one, they do the same thing but it's your door instead of your garage. So do you have a camera set up to like record the delivery? Um, so it's supposed to be super secure and then the packages are inside your house. Um, yeah. So I haven't tried this. I have this stuff that would work with it. Like I have a smart lock and a garage thing that would integrate, but I haven't like officially set it up yet.

Cara Newhart: 13:37 Um, I would love to hear what you guys think. Do you use it and love it? Do you think as a conspiracy theorist, it's a terrible plan to let people just enter your house via smart technology that could get hacked? Um, I would love to hear your opinions because for me I feel like it would be super helpful. I just haven't really gotten around to setting it up or figuring it out how it works. Um, another option is very interesting. It's called a package guard, which basically is like this flat disc. It looks like a Frisbee, um, that goes on your front step, uh, or porch and the delivery person puts the package on. And then what if it's removed an alarm sound. So it's kind of like a sensor that once they deliver a package and put it on there, you get like a notification and then, um, an alarm will sound if someone takes it off.

Cara Newhart: 14:26 That's not you because you have to use your phone and like tell them it's you. I'm explaining this terribly. They have a video that you can watch if you're really interested in this. It's only like $89, $89 for a smart Frisbee. No, I'm sure. I'm sure it's great. I'm sure it works. Um, this is in no way sponsored and I have not tried it, but I will link it because it in my research, this was something interesting that I found. And then here's some helpful freeways that you can dissuade porch pirates. Um, if you're not going to invest time into a prank box or a whole elaborate scheme. So number one is to leave specific instructions for the delivery person to make it more discreet. For example, Hey, could you hide the package behind the column on my porch? Or can you deliver to the side yard or the backyard or throw it over the fence, whatever it is.

Cara Newhart: 15:18 Um, you know how there's like a delivery box specifically I'm thinking of door dash, which is not the biggest problem for porch pirates, but there's like a delivery instructions box and you're gonna want to use that to explain how your package could be discreetly delivered. A side note, the reason I say throw it over the fence is because, um, at our last house it was a really weird setup. So it was like a shotgun house, which is like a long, skinny house. And then we had two side yards. One on one side was like 10 feet wide to to the house next to us was like 10 feet and then it was 60 feet long. So like the whole length of our house. And then the other side yard was like five feet wide and like maybe 10 15 feet long. Okay. But we didn't know we had that other side yard.

Cara Newhart: 16:10 Like the littler one. We thought we only had one yard. So when we first moved in for like months and I mean like months, like it honestly took me so long to discover this. But FedEx was delivering packages and marking them as delivered and saying like delivered to side yard? No, it was left behind gate. So the side yard, like the main yard that we had had a lock on the gate. So they'd say like delivered left behind gate. So I would call them like you did not deliver it. That was not my house. It's not my gate. I don't know where you left my package, but it's not my house. And was so mad because this was happening like all the time. So then one day I'm like walking around in the alley where a garage is like to the right is our regular yard with the gate.

Cara Newhart: 16:59 And then to the left I see another gate and I'm like, what is that gate? And it turns out that gate is also ours. It was another side yard and I opened the gate, literally 10 packages that had been delivered safely behind the gate. I just didn't know it was my house. And so needless to say I had a lot of things replaced unnecessarily because I didn't know I lived there. Um, so that's my only fun, weird packaged delivery story. I guess that's relevant. Okay. Back to the tips. Some other freeways to help make sure your packages get delivered all the way is an Amazon locker, which if you don't know what that is, all kinds of locations have like Amazon locker set ups. So like a gas station for example, they get a seven 11 like you, there might be a big huge yellow machine outside with all these little lockers.

Cara Newhart: 17:54 You can have packages delivered there and then you just get a code and go pick it up when it's convenient. So it's not like sitting on your porch. Um, this is really good if you live like in a big city because usually they're all over the place in bigger cities. Um, I know in Denver we had quite a few locations out by us, so you could try that and then you could also deliver it to your place of work if that's allowed. So this is something you definitely need to check with HR, especially if you're ordering stuff like a Barbie Jeep or something sketchy. I don't know what you'd be ordering that sketchy, but don't have things delivered to your work without permission is my point. So those are some freeways and as all your Christmas shopping comes in, because I know you guys are like me and there's no way you planned ahead and bought all your gifts and you've maybe purchased one at this point and it is the 10th and you now have 15 days to buy gifts for everyone, which is actually a lot of time. Um, and if you are someone that has finished your shopping, um, I'm super proud of you but also kind of hate you and do you now want to help me finish mine?

Cara Newhart: 19:13 Okay. So now I kind of want to switch gears and talk about making your home a holiday Haven. So there's a lot that goes into this, but basically I want to dive deep into kind of the way our home functions during the holidays and um, step outside of the decor bubble of like, here's what you should plan on your in training or like, do you like to have a white tree versus a green tree? Like that kind of advice is not really helpful, especially now as it's halfway into December. So I want to talk about something a little more meaningful that still centers around home design and even includes decor but isn't just like tips for decorating for Christmas because I'm just, that's not what I'm feeling kind of on my heart to share with you. So my first tip though is kind of a practical one and that is to do a pre holiday purge.

Cara Newhart: 20:08 So this week I'm actually teaming up with um, some Instagram friends and we're doing like a purge tour. So each person is, has a different day and they're purging a different space and offering like some tips and you can follow it all on our Instagram stories. My day is Thursday and I'm doing my garage, which is so bad you guys, it's so bad. I gave like a sneak peak on Instagram of how bad it is because I was laughing with my friend Jesse. I'm from I and the detail, um, our friend Kara that went on Monday, she's from Haute house love. She's literally the cutest like you should go check her out because I just love watching her stories. Like she just makes me smile because she's adorable. Um, she also has great ideas, but just like the way she says things is, is so cute. I love her.

Cara Newhart: 20:57 Anyway, um, she did her purge on Monday and she did her master bathroom and Jesse and I were like dying because our houses are a wreck, like a total wreck where care like brought us into her bathroom and like showed us her drawer. And was like, I'm going to purge like under the sink. And we were like, Hmm. It kind of looks organized already. Like compared to the condition of my stuff, like you are doing great and I don't want to like be rude at all because like obviously everyone's in a different place. Everyone has a different relationship with organization, everyone has stuff they can purge and amazing tips. Like she did so freaking good. But it was just funny to me to see how different our situations were in terms of what we needed to purge. And I also share this because if you are not a wreck of a messy person like me and you are more organized, um, you should go check her out because I feel like you'll be on the same page and she has super great tips.

Cara Newhart: 21:59 Um, but anyway, her idea and like getting us all together for this holiday purge, which I think is such a good idea is basically that we need to kind of clean out our houses before we bring a ton more stuff in. Um, and so like pre-holiday it's going to help reduce stress around the holidays. If you just take like 30 minutes a day to just kind of go through different rooms and purge some stuff. It's literally a genius idea. And because I'm doing it with a group of friends, I'm like actually making progress. Um, so that's my other tip is like whether you have sisters you're close with or like a group of moms or um, your roommate, that's like gross. Um, you can like get together and like do a little purge, whether it's like two days, one day a week, whatever it is before the holidays.

Cara Newhart: 22:48 I feel like this is a super, super good strategy. So shouts to Cara and her pre-holiday purge idea, um, because now I get to share it with you and hopefully it will help you get your house prepped for the holidays. My other tip that is related is kind of like a new year's resolution hack when it comes to getting organized. And my hack is to start it now so that you have momentum going into the new year. So basically the idea that is that if you start now and you kind of ease into it, you can give yourself a little more grace because it's the holiday season and you can kind of gradually make it a habit and then it makes it easier to stick with it versus starting in January and hitting full throttle and either burning out or falling off the wagon. I don't know if this happens to you guys, but like if I like, Oh, like it's January 1st and I start something and then I skip a day.

Cara Newhart: 23:41 Then I like get guilty and then I stopped doing it and then it's like, forget this ever happened for good. I even made a resolution, like I'm just over it. So my strategy this year, which I'm also doing with my workout and morning routine because I am a terrible morning person. Like I am the grumpiest grump there ever was in the morning. And so I'm trying to train myself to like get up, um, and work out and like be a real human in the mornings versus like a Grinch. But I'm going to start this now. Literally I started today. Um, so that when it becomes time to, you know, January 1st and the new year hits, I'm already like have a little momentum instead of just like up today's the day I start perfection. When like yesterday I did nothing close. You know, it's like a weird black and white flipping a switch versus like a gradual transition.

Cara Newhart: 24:37 So I think that's going to work better. Um, and it's a really good strategy, not only for um, your other like resolutions, like goal setting and morning workouts and whatever it is, but also for your house, like getting your house together and um, tackling that to do list of stuff you've been putting off and like, um, yeah. So that's my resolution hack. My other huge way to make your home feel like a holiday Haven. So like during the holidays, your home is not a place that's stressing you out. It's a place that you are happy to be in, whether you're hosting family at your house or whether you are blessed enough to live in the same town, his family, and you're just kinda going back to your house to retreat from the big family gatherings. Um, I would recommend that you refresh your spaces and cozy them up to create an escape from the holiday hustle.

Cara Newhart: 25:31 So I feel like this is especially important if you're hosting guests because spaces that would normally be all yours to unwind in like your living room or a den or whatever are now kind of like infiltrated by guests. And I say that nicely cause you're like happy to have them there. But creating a space like for example, refreshing your master bedroom or your master bathroom to just kind of cozy it up so that it feels like a place you can relax and it doesn't feel like yet another space that's stressing you out. Or yet another space that's like unfinished. Um, so some examples of this is like as simple as like some new sheets or pillows or bedding. Um, a little extra organization just like grabbing some bins and like putting stuff in bins so it looks organized and it's out of sight and it's not everywhere.

Cara Newhart: 26:21 Um, you can also rearrange to refresh. So that means switching up the orientation of your room or changing the layout, changing the lighting, like little little things that are going to make it feel new when you walk into this space. It's not the same old, same old situation you're used to. It has like a little bit of a fresh feel. Um, this is gonna really, you create a place where you can escape and you can relax away from the holiday busy-ness. Um, stress of hosting and away from family and friends that are staying in your home or just coming home from like um, family gatherings or family parties. It feels like you can settle in and relax and it feels fresh, so refreshing your spaces. I just did this to our master bedroom and you can actually go check out the blog but, um, I basically just changed out our bedding and I changed out our dresser, which is not even something that you have to do if you like your dresser.

Cara Newhart: 27:20 But even just seeing how like the before and after of the bedding makes the space look so much better. Um, hopefully that'll be some good inspiration for you. So go check that out on the blog. And then the final kind of word of advice, inspiration, um, tip that I have that I want to leave you with is to focus on making memories. So I'm going to get a little personal here, but today would have been my dad's 62nd birthday. Um, we lost him about five years ago to cancer, which was around my senior year of college. Um, and I was just kind of reflecting today and I started thinking about how obviously the holidays can be such a tough time in terms of missing those that we've lost. And also thinking about like some ways that we can use our homes to make space for remembering them.

Cara Newhart: 28:14 Um, and this is one of those ways that decor and home design go so much deeper than just making things look great, especially when it comes to the holidays. I feel like decor helps create meaningful memories as we gather and we connect. Um, whether it's memories of like the train that went around your Christmas tree as a kid or certain family traditions. Like in my family we do the Christmas pickle, which is like a pickle ornament that gets hidden in the tree and the kids look for it and whoever finds it gets a prize or whether it's decor elements that are a tradition of their own, like a classic tree topper or um, a Christmas village or just any kind of decor element that you pull out. And it's like a tradition or family heirloom. Um, when you decorate your house for Christmas, maybe you're just finalizing some finishing touches at this point.

Cara Newhart: 29:10 Or maybe you're super behind like me and you only have like two areas kind of decorated. But think about how the decor elements can help create memories and facilitate connection between people among family and friends. Like that might mean the decor literally becomes part of tradition and it becomes something that memories are made of. Or it might be more subtle where your decor is just setting a certain tone for your space. And then that tone translates into how people come together. Like how people are having conversations and spending time together is absolutely influenced by where they are and the environment that they're in. So decor can literally impact things on a much deeper level versus just like, Oh, that's cute, that looks good. Like it can set the tone for deeper connection or more memorable holidays. And I don't mean to like over sensationalized decor as something that can like transform your holiday season or like fix your family rifts.

Cara Newhart: 30:14 But there's significance to it. And I think only when we dive deeper into what it means, can we create homes we truly love that are deeper than those pin worthy inspo images or trends that we're loving. So those are just some thoughts that I want to leave you with. Um, just to kind of help you make your home a place that's going to serve you in the holidays and really help, um, support your mental health, support all the people that you're going to be welcoming into your home. Um, or even just your family if you know, it's just your family, your kids, whatever it is. Um, whoever's in your house this holiday. So I hope all of this helped you. Um, I hope that you feel inspired and kind of amped up to go into the holidays versus stressed and thinking of all the things you have to do.

Cara Newhart: 31:08 Uh, I hope that at the very least you get some laughs listening to me cause you're like, she's ridiculous. Like what did she do it? But maybe at the very best you, um, get some great tips and it really helps you create spaces that you truly love. That is my goal after all. Um, so thank you so much for listening. Thanks for spending time with me. I will have another episode next week. I'm sitting down with Ashley from at home with Ashley. She's the coolest. She has rainbow stairs, like literally one of the coolest humans that I know. So I'm sitting down with her for a chat, um, that goes live next Wednesday. And then I'm going to take Christmas off because Christmas day falls on a Wednesday and I just want time to open presents and eat all the pie and just kind of relax with my family.

Cara Newhart: 31:56 So I won't have an episode on Christmas, but I will be back, um, January 1st to kind of hit it hard on new year's day. So I will talk to you guys all again next week. Thank you so much for listening. Like seriously, it means a lot. If you like the podcast, if you thought this episode was helpful or inspiring or gave you some good motivation, um, for the holidays, I would love if you would share it with a friend or a coworker or a family member that you think would like it or be inspired if you just want to shoot them over a link. Um, that would be amazing. I think it's a service to them. Um, when you get to share things that are genuinely helpful. It's a service to you because you look awesome for being such a thoughtful and caring friend to be like, Hey, I thought of you when I heard this. Um, and also it helps me out. It helps people find the podcast. It helps the podcast grow. Um, so it's kind of great all around and I know a lot of you guys already do this and I want to just say thank you so much. If you've taken the time to share, it's literally amazing. You're an amazing person and I'm so lucky to have you as a listener. I will talk to you guys next week. I hope you have amazing rest of your day and we'll chat soon.

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