In this episode, Cara sits down to share her best tips for hosting family & friends for the holidays. She covers guestrooms and sleeping situations, clutter + cleaning, food and snackage, plus some extra essentials to help you get your home holiday ready.

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what i’m loving this week

legit (aka actually good) GF + DF Pumpkin Pie — This pumpkin pie recipe is actually amazing.

Its gluten free and can be made dairy free, but for real tastes like an amazing slice of OG pumpkin pie.

The crust uses crushed Chex cereal + some gluten free flour and it turned out delicious.

To make it dairy free, you use coconut cream instead of milk / cream in the pie filling. I was worried it would come out tasting like coconuts— but the flavor of the pumpkin and spices overpowered it, so theres no hint of coconut at all.

You can check out the recipe HERE.



stuff we just need to talk about

pie is a breakfast food!

If you don’t eat leftover pie the day after Thansgiving for breakfast, you’re totally missing it out. t 5.

pumpkin pie + a cup of coffee = part of a complete breakfast

Eating the extra pie the next day for breakfast has been one of my personal Thanksgiving traditions. So incredible in fact, that I forgot not everyone does this.

I would argue that pie probably has a similar nutritional profile to pancakes, so eating pie for breakfast isn’t that outlandish.

let’s talk about it!

Do you eat pie for breakfast!? Any thoughts, nutritional ideas, or opinions to share?

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Coat Racks —  OPTION 1 // OPTION 2 // OPTION 3



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…just in case you wanna read

Cara: 00:00 You are listening to the Make Space Podcast. Episode number 21

INTRO: 00:23 Welcome to make space a home design show made to inspire you to create spaces you truly feel at home in Cara Newhart sits down with amazingly brilliant guests for conversations that dive deeper than pin worthy rooms to tease out the essentials of creating spaces that feed your soul and inspire your creativity from home design strategies to decor, advice to interior design tips and tricks. These conversations help you dream up a beautifully lived in home. Cara is the designer and chief creative enthusiast behind never skipped brunch. Her work has been featured in print publications like people style watch and Denver style magazine as an influencer. Cara has collaborated with brands like Amazon,H and M, Twitter and Thrillist. Here’s your host, Cara Newhart

Cara: 01:22 AH! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there’s going to be pie and amazingly delicious snacks and I cannot freaking wait, but until then we are sitting down today to talk about holiday hosting. I’ve compiled some of my best tips and I am super excited to share them with you. So first things first, if you have not listened to last week’s episode, which was a group chat with multiple bloggers and myself talking about Thanksgiving tables, you should scroll back and listen to that. Especially if you have not decorated your Thanksgiving table yet and you’re kind of scrambling and thinking like, Oh, I need to put something on the table. Really good tips. I talk in that episode about my Thanksgiving centerpiece idea. That’s super, super easy. It uses all fresh, like greenery and pumpkin’s is basically all you need. And there’s a whole video of me like styling it from the top down so you can see exactly where I put things.

Cara: 02:18 So if you struggle with styling, um, your centerpiece, you could just follow right along and do it that way. Um, if you already have your Thanksgiving table all set, it is the day before. So we to go on the planning side, I’m proud of you and I can’t wait to see what it looks like. So if you want to like send me a photo, um, if you took you some of those tips and you made it all cute, I would love to see how it turned out. I love hearing from you guys. So you can DM me on Instagram at @neverskipbrunch or you can add me on Twitter at @makespace pod to show me your Thanksgiving table decor.

#OBSESSED: 03:00 hashtag obsessed

Cara: 03:06 okay. So what I am obsessed with this week is a dairy free and gluten free pumpkin pie recipe. Now before you say, Hmm, that sounds like you took all the fun out of it, guess what? It tastes legit like regular pumpkin pie. It’s just a little better for you. And if you are someone like me who has a gluten allergy and dairy is like wreaks havoc on your whole body, um, this is something that you might want to try out because I have made it and tested it and it worked. And I was like actually surprised when I ate it. I was like, Hmm, this is suspiciously delicious. So normally I just eat things filled with dairy and gluten on Thanksgiving because they’re delicious and then feel terrible after for the rest of the day. So if you are like me where you just kind of pretend like it doesn’t bother you and then, um, overindulge in pie and then feel really terrible, this is a good recipe to try because you feel, you feel like you’re getting the full experience without the bad stuff.

Cara: 04:11 So I will link it in the show notes so that you guys can try it. But a couple things to point out that are like interesting about this recipe. So the first thing is that the crust actually incorporates checks mix like corn checks, cereal. You literally crunch it up and mix it with like a gluten free biz quick mix, which is basically gluten free flour and like butter or Crisco. Um, I guess Crisco if you’re really going dairy free butter if you’re just trying to limit your dairy. Um, and so that becomes the crest. And then the other thing to point out is that in regular pumpkin pie they do like milk or cream as like the pie filling. This uses coconut cream, which I have baked a lot of things with coconut cream trying to replace dairy. And a lot of times I’m like, well this tastes like coconut, which is not what you really want out of your pumpkin pie. However, because the pumpkin and the spices are pretty overpowering, you cannot taste the coconut. So that is a good note to know. Um, anyway, I am obsessed with that this week. I feel like it’s a very specific recommendation that not all of you need. Like the rest of you are probably like, yeah, I’m going to eat regular pie, but if you needed it, there it is. And I hope that you love it as much as me.

Speaker 5: 05:37 [inaudible]

WAIT, WHAT?: 05:37 wait, what

Cara: 05:43 my, wait, what? This week is also pie related and my hot take is that pie is a breakfast food. So okay, after Thanksgiving there’s leftover pie. Um, because if all went well, there was a lot of pie going on. Everyone got their fill and there’s some leftover naturally. The thing to do with that pie is to eat it for breakfast. And this is something I’ve always done but recently learned that not everyone agrees with me, but if you have never had a slice of pumpkin pie with your coffee for breakfast, you are missing out. Now let me dive a little deeper into my argument about why it’s a breakfast food. Okay. We’ll start by analyzing a similar breakfast food and that is pancakes with blueberries on top and syrup, kind of your standard pancake situation with like a fruit topping. So what we’ve done is replaced the pancake, are our starch base with a pie crust, which are eerily similar, cooked differently.

Cara: 06:42 And now instead of the fruit topping, we have a pie filling, which contains a vegetable. If you’re eating like pumpkin or sweet potato pie, and if you’re eating something like Apple, you know, it’s just like a different fruit. Now I haven’t done the research and this would be something interesting to inform our decision on whether to rule pie a breakfast food or not. But I would venture to guess that the nutrition facts for a stack of pancakes with syrup and fruit topping is eerily similar, if not a little bit less healthy than a slice of pie. So if someone wants to do that math slash science slash whatever it is and fully weigh the options, I will be all ears. Until then, I would love to hear what you think. Do you eat pie for breakfast or do you think it should be saved for later in the day?

Cara: 07:34 Um, you can either shoot me an email with your opinions at podcast set number, skid or at me on Twitter at @MakeSpacepod. Okay, so let’s get started with these holiday hosting tips, which are very good if I do say so myself. But before we dive in, if you are not yet a subscriber, you should subscribe so you don’t miss amazing episodes just like this. I have some really cool episodes coming up with some incredible guests and you don’t want to miss out. You can go to and then right at the top you’ll be able to select your favorite podcast platform to subscribe on. Um, if you’re listening to this, you might already be inside a platform. So just hit that subscribe button so you can stay in loop. Okay, let’s dive into my tips. So I’m going to provide links in the show notes and episode description for some of the products that I mentioned in this episode.

Cara: 08:27 So be sure to click through and browse them if you are interested or in need of any of those. So let’s kind of go by topic just to keep things a little bit more organized and we’ll start out with guest rooms and sleeping situations and some tips that I have for that. So number one, which is my genius hack that I am currently using in the guestroom I’m designing, which if you have been keeping up with my stories, you know that I’m doing a collaboration with home Depot because they have some amazing decor and furniture pieces, especially for the holidays. I got these sheets that are like little Holly berries. Um, and it’s like a little bit muted, so it’s so, so cute. Anyway, my genius hack here is to do two twin beds that pushed together to create one King bed. So this gives you so many options, both space-wise and guest wise.

Cara: 09:17 If you have couples, you can push them together. They have plenty of space. If you have people that are sharing a room that don’t necessarily want to snuggle, you can push them apart into two twins. So the most important part of this is that you need to choose two frames that can push together easily. So the frames that I used are from nectar because we bought the nectar mattresses. This is not sponsored, although it should be because they freaking love them so much. Um, but the frames are super light, like they’re really easy to push together and apart and they also don’t have a gap. So when I push them together, the mattresses can also push together all the way. Um, and the frames are only like $200 each, which for a full, like entire twin mattress frame. That’s pretty good, I think. Um, so yeah, that’s my first hack.

Cara: 10:07 My second tip is revolves around DIY guest rooms. So on Instagram, a few of you were deeming me, like in response to all my behind the scenes peeks of me designing this guestroom saying like, you don’t have a spare room to be the guestroom and you wish you did. Um, so how do you like create a great space for your guests if they’re literally going to have to sleep on an air mattress. So it’s not as hard as you think. Here are some tips if you’re DIY and guestroom, for example, an air mattress in the middle of the living room. So my first tip is to make it feel like a real room. Do things like designate a light stand. Think out like, Oh, if they need a lamp at night and they’re going to be laying in bed, like how can I provide them with some light?

Cara: 10:50 Make sure they have like an extension cord or a power outlet close so they can charge their phone, provide earplugs and an iron mask if they’re sleeping in a common area. So those are just some little cozy ways that you can make it feel like a real space and give them everything they need clothes so they don’t have to go like bumbling around your house or be charging their phone across the room. Um, another really good tip is to grab some inexpensive folding screens to give them a little privacy if their bed is set up in a common area. So these you can get really inexpensively. They don’t even have to be cute because, because at least your guests is getting some privacy. Like if you’re sleeping in the living room, you want a little bit of space to yourself. Um, so I will link some pics for those in the show notes.

Cara: 11:36 Um, also you can make it easy for them to get their stuff out of the way. If the room has to be converted into a common space during the living room and everyone’s going to be sitting in there, you could use a big basket where they can stash stuff and move it quickly without putting it away. Or they could have like a trunk or a big box in the room that they’re using. And you could also give them a designated place to store their stuff. So maybe you clear out some space in a closet, like a linen closet or you could also use one of those. Foldable valet stands for them to put their suitcase on. So just thinking of little things in terms of like how your guest is going to use this DIY space while they’re there and kind of thinking through whether they have everything they need is going to make their experience like awesome.

Cara: 12:25 Even though it’s not like their own room, there’s still obviously chose to stay with you. And so I think they’re happy to be there, but you can take extra steps to make them feel extra cozy. Okay. So another tip when it comes to the sleeping situation is that you should add nightlights or leave a lamp or two on around the house so that guests can navigate your house in the dark. If you want to get fancy, you could even do like motion activated lights. But, um, it’s, it’s easy to forget that you know your way around in the dark, but your guests probably don’t. So if they need to like get up at night, um, make sure they can see so they’re not stubbing their toe on the edge of the bed, which is literally the most annoying thing that can happen at night probably.

Cara: 13:09 Um, and another thing that I like to do is have a little sign that has the wifi information, like the network and the password and even like a little welcome note. So for my wifi sign I got like a cute letter light-up sign, um, where you can like slide in different letters and then the back lights up like a light board. But you could also use like one of those letter boards that are really popular. You spelled things out, even just a frame with like a printed thing of the information. And you could also do like a welcome note with any info they might need. Like how to work the TV where they can find like a coffee shop or a CVS, um, activities to do if they’re not going to be spending the whole time with you. Um, and stuff like that. It’s just like a little extra step to make them feel welcome and also not have to feel like awkward asking if they, like if it’s a huge busy family gathering and you’re getting like, what’s the wifi password?

Cara: 14:03 Like a million times you could just make little signs and everyone knows where to find it and you’re left to like, um, have one less thing on your to do list. So another really good thing to think about is giving your guests options to customize their sleep situation. So number one, you could snack some fans or space heaters for the guest bedrooms so they can adjust the temp in their room on their own. They don’t have to like change the temp for the entire house. I’m assuming your house isn’t some kind of cool hotel set up where all the bedrooms have different than [inaudible] thermometers. That’s not what it’s called. What’s it called? The thing on the wall. Okay. Anyway. You know what I mean? They can’t change their own room, but they can adapt and they could put on a fan if it’s too hot, do a space heater if they’re too cold.

Cara: 14:49 Um, you could also provide extra pillows and blankets in case of a guests like me who needs 27 pillows because I have to build this pillow wall on one side and then my husband’s on the other and then I sleep in the middle of the bed. So I need like 27 pillows. Um, exaggeration obviously. But extra pillows and blankets are a nice touch because you don’t know how many people need to sleep because everyone sleeps differently. So that concludes my tips for guest rooms and sleeping situations. Now onto clutter and cleaning, probably the most annoying but necessary part of hosting guests. So I will just say that the day before guests arrive, which is probably today if you’re listening to this on Wednesday, is not the time to organize your linen closet or clean out your drunk drawer. Rule number one for clutter and cleaning is that if it is behind a door or in a space that you don’t really need access to or your guests won’t need access to, leave it alone.

Cara: 15:46 You can declutter when you make new year’s resolutions or whatever. Okay? So even if you don’t try to ambitiously tackle those like clutter problem areas, there will inevitably be clutter somewhere that you are trying to deal with last minute. At least if your personality is like mine and you wait till the last minute to do most things, you might be one of those people that I’m like perpetually in awe of where you have great time management and you have it all under control. But others like me are time blind and we are way too optimistic about how long things take. This means we’re scrambling to conceal clutter as guests are literally walking through the door. So I bring you my stash and stow method. This method is no KonMari and it will not help you with getting rid of anything. This just teaches you how to hide your junk when guests are approaching.

Cara: 16:39 So what you will need for the stash and stone method is essentially just a basket or a bin. You are going to grab everything and the vicinity that should have been put away but wasn’t and you’re going to stash it in the bin and then you’re going to tuck that bin away in a closet, a spare room, or even your car if you are out of space. Because guess what? Clutter is not your biggest priority right now and you just need to get it out of sight so it doesn’t stress it stress you out. You can deal with it later. Your biggest priority is greeting your guests, spending quality time with them. That is what’s important, not the clutter. So you just get it out of sight and you can deal with it later. It’s literally fine. Um, there’s a lot of variations on this method.

Cara: 17:24 Like one of my super great friends tab used to do this when she was getting her house ready for showings. Like she would just put everything, like if there was a dirty plate or just any kind of random thing in this basket and just throw it in her car and like leave for the showing. So the stash and stone method can really be used for a variety of times besides just holiday hosting. But it’s a great plan because you can’t do it all. So why not do the better, more fun stuff like hanging out with guests rather than trying to get yourself out of drowning in clutter. Um, also if you want to share with me your stash and stow and one some funny things that made it into your basket because they were just out and needed to be put away, please do DM me or at me on Twitter because I would love to hear or see, um, how your stash and STO went.

Cara: 18:14 Because sometimes it’s funny, like you get stuff in your basket and you’re like, what the heck is this and why was it sitting out? Like probably should be thrown away, but you know, just toss it, stow it. You’re great. Okay. So my last couple of tips that have to do with clutter and cleaning have a little more to do with like clutter when your guests are actually here versus like trying to get things clean for them. So number one is to grab an inexpensive coat rack so you don’t have that weird pile of coats on the bed that everyone has to dig through. Um, because then the, the room is totally unusable. So if someone’s like staying there or it’s your room, like you can’t go in there cause there could be just like someone rifling through their coat, which is awkward. But an inexpensive coat rack is a great way to keep the coats out where everyone can access them.

Cara: 18:59 Um, and they don’t have to like take up space on your bed. So I will link a coat rack option in the show notes. And then number two is inevitably with everyone having phones and devices and all of that, they need space to charge. So make sure that you like look at your living room or look at where guests will be hanging out and find areas that you can add extra charging station. So whether that’s like a power strip where there would normally be like a lamp plugged in, make sure people have like easy access to plug in so that they can like stay and hang out and don’t have to be like searching your house for an outlet or plugging things in. And weird places like hallways because they can’t find an outlet. So just make it easy. You could also do like a little USB port, um, deck.

Cara: 19:48 I dunno, that’s not what it’s called, but I, we have one where it’s like four USB things stacked all up and then it just plugs in once so then everyone can plug into that. And super simple. So those are all my tips for clutter and cleaning. So now moving onto food and snackage. So normally I don’t really talk about food a lot. I’m not a food blogger by any means, but when it comes to the holidays, we talk about the important things like pie and snacks. So my first top tip is a shark coterie troth. So this, I will put a picture in the show notes. Basically it’s just a giant shark cadre shark. Yep. That’s how you say it. Giant charcuterie board. So this is something where I use like a giant wooden tray, like one you would normally use maybe on a coffee table or on your counter for like a coffee station.

Cara: 20:38 And I make like a big charcuterie tray. So I buy extra of everything and then I just refill it daily. So there’s always kind of like a snack options spread. So it comes out of the fridge between meal times or before dinner for guests to Naaman. And what I like about it is it creates a place for people to gather that’s not in the kitchen. Like no one is in the kitchen trying to like snag taste tests of stuff. It’s like, here’s a snack. You go over here and you eat your snack and dinner will be ready soon. Um, it’s really pretty. Also, when I show you the picture, you’ll be like, wow, it’s pretty, how did you do that? It’s super easy. You just roll things up or you slice them and you just like, I dunno, add it all in there and they kind of like decorates itself.

Cara: 21:22 I’m not a food blogger or a food stylist and it looks amazing. So that is my top, top tip. Um, I personally don’t mind people in the kitchen with me, but my husband hates it. So around holidays I’m not really in charge of all the cooking. I can cook. I just choose not to. Um, but he does not want people innovating the kitchen. So that’s a good way to keep people out. So my second tip is stocked snackage so this is like, you need to make sure your pantry is full of items like fruits or chips or popcorn or whatever that people can grab and easily help themselves too. Um, so you’re not having to like feed them something every single time they’re hungry. You know, there should be like a lot of leftovers and there’s obviously like the officially prepared meals, but if you want people to have access to like snack time or like late time snacks, if you’re a family of eaters, which we totally are like what are we eating next?

Cara: 22:22 Um, okay. My next two tips revolve around coffee. So number one is to create a guestroom coffee bar using a Keurig. So you can create basically a place for your guests to wake up and be able to like make their coffee in their room. Um, I will link the post I did on this to show you like what all I included, but basically one of those like little Keurigs, um, is kind of all you needed in like a little tray. And then you could do like sugars or creamers or whatever. Um, you can also relocate your main coffee bar to the living room or dining like a dining room corner if you have like a piece of furniture in your dining room. Um, this way people don’t crowd the kitchen to grab their coffee. So just kind of another way to create like a gathering spot in the morning so people are like out of the kitchen if you need to be doing cleaning or whatever it is.

Cara: 23:12 Um, just a good way to like create a place for people to gather and get people out of the kitchen if you’re like waking up early and starting to like make Turkey whatever it is. Um, then the final tip that I have around food and snack itch is actually something that I haven’t done, haven’t really tried, but it seems like a pro tip and it seems like if you really had yourself together and you really were good at like thinking things through, you probably be doing this. So the tip is to cook ahead. So this includes stuff like freezable soups ready to make cookies or doing stuff the night before, like big Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving dinner. So you don’t actually have to be in the kitchen all day during the holiday and you can enjoy it and you can sit down with people and connect over food and good conversation and you don’t have to like literally be in the kitchen the whole time.

Cara: 24:07 So this is something like I grew up where like my mom, my aunts and my grandma and we’re like in the kitchen like the whole day making this big elaborate meal. Um, and which, I mean it was amazing. Everything was homemade. Like that was just what they loved doing. But if it was me, I am not someone that wants to be in the kitchen all day cooking. Like it’s just not my passion. So, um, if you’re in the same boat where it’s something that you don’t enjoy that you like dread doing or maybe just like feel like you’re missing out because you have to be cooking. Um, doing some prep like the night before and like pre making stuff is like a really good pro tip, which I’m sure there’s like many of you out there that are like, duh, I do this all the time. But for other people that are not a great planner or maybe like for people like me who are just now starting to get hosting duties like it used to be, you know, it wasn’t really up to me.

Cara: 25:03 And now that hosting happens at my house for Christmas, I have like more to think of and like more jobs when it comes to like planning the meals. So, um, that’s just something I’m going to try out this Christmas and um, obviously it’s going to go great, but you know what you think about that tip and if it’s something that you’re already doing and you love or if you have any tips about the tip, like so meta, but if you have any tips for how to really kind of prep things the night before, I would love to hear those as well. Okay. So to wrap this up, I have some tips for extra centrals. I’m sure there’s stuff that I’ve left out that I’m going to have to like go back and be like, crap, I totally forgot. Like whatever it is. But, um, just some stuff that you might forget.

Cara: 25:48 Number one is extra toilet paper in the bathrooms and plungers um, more people are going to be going in your house so you can save them the embarrassment of bothering you if things go awry in there. So extra toilet paper plungers and the other thing is to keep toilet paper, paper towels and toiletries out where they can easily be found by your guests where they can easily see them because like you probably have all that stuff, but if you have it in a cabinet or like under the sink, they might not feel comfortable digging or might not know it’s there. So you could do like a little basket on the countertop or I did like a little gold box in my guestroom. That’s like, that’s like a cube and then it’s glass so you can see into it and you can put like little things like lotion or extra toothbrush or toothpaste or whatever it is.

Cara: 26:37 Um, and the last thing that I want to say is like, don’t forget to freaking give yourself and focus on your guests and connecting with them over great food and conversation. No one is going to remember the details that you missed or you messed up. If you’re like, decor doesn’t look as great as you thought or you like intended to do, you know, whatever it is and you ran out of time, they’re going to remember the memories they get to make with you. So the more you get to like put yourself with them, whether that’s like planning ahead and prepping or whether it’s like letting things go that you thought you really needed to have. Um, in terms of decor or like, you know, that side dish or like another appetizer, whatever it is, give yourself that grace and focus on people because that’s the whole point of the holidays is connecting with people that we don’t get to sit down with every day that live far away.

Cara: 27:30 And that’s what’s the most fun and the most important. And that’s what you’re going to remember. Although I mean I, there’s, there’s killer dishes that you remember too, don’t get me wrong, but just a little sappy word of encouragement there. And to wrap up, I would like to share my family’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition. Now for some of you are going to be like, that sounds messy and childish and I would never do that. But for others of you at least you get a good laugh. So the tradition is the great Thanksgiving pie smash. And the way it goes is that you try to smash pie in someone’s face, but like not like you just walk up and like smash it. You have to get them to kind of like lean in and not see it coming. So one example is like you, you put a piece of pie on a plate and you hold it up to someone, you say, wow, this, this whipped cream smells like cherries and they kind of lean their face in a little bit and then they get smashed because they kinda committed to getting their face into the pie.

Cara: 28:28 So in its best case scenario, it’s not really like a surprise match, although those have happened too. And I really should find the video of my brother getting my little sister. She was like jumping and yelling and he just came behind her and like, anyway, that’s a really fun tradition. It’s usually just one slice, just one person. It’s not like a crazy all out pie fight, but it’s always fun. And we did that growing up. And it was funny because my grandparents were very like welcoming and generous and there was always like strangers at our Thanksgiving table, like whether it was families that didn’t want to travel to see their family and other parts of the country or whether it was like people that literally just didn’t have a place to go. So those are where the people that often got the brunt of the pie smashed because they didn’t know it was a thing.

Cara: 29:14 But, um, I think everyone has had been gotten quite a few times. He just, you know, not being on their guard. Anyway, that’s our Thanksgiving tradition is the Thanksgiving pie smash. Um, there’s obviously also the regular more sappy tradition where like before the meal, everybody sits in a circle and we like go around and say what we’re thankful for. Which was funny because my grandpa would always go, I’m thankful for a thankful heart. Like, okay, that’s, that doesn’t count. But, but yeah, I would love to hear what your Thanksgiving traditions are. Or do you have anything fun or interesting or do you just do nothing or what do you do? Let me know. Anyway, I hope these tips were super helpful. I hope you heard stuff and you were like, man, I’m going to try that. Or you maybe listen, we’re like, I already do all of this stuff, which is like good for you.

Cara: 30:05 You are already like amazing and you’re killing it and you don’t even need tips. So, um, can I come to your house for Thanksgiving? You know? Um, but yeah, let me know. Let me know your feedback. Let me know what tip was your favorite. If you have traditions, what you think about, um, pie is a breakfast, food and all of that. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving. I hope you eat all the snacks and I hope you really use the time to connect with people, with friends and family and not stress about the other nonsense. So I will talk to you all next week as I sit down with Joe GIC, who is an amazing designer that was on the NBC TV show called making it. Um, and she’s super, super cool. We’re talking about designing kids rooms, which is a really fun topic, so you’re not gonna wanna miss that.

Cara: 30:52 So hit the subscribe button so you can stay in the loop. And then if you are a longtime listener, even if it’s been like a week, I would love if you left a review for the podcast or even just scroll down and gave us some stars. Um, this really helps other people find the podcast and it helps kind of bump us up in the Apple rankings, um, and just let people know like what it’s about. So if you’ve enjoyed this or if you’ve had anything helpful come out of this, any tips that you really loved, I would love some feedback from you. So thank you so much. Have a great holiday and I will talk to you next week.

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