Being on the move makes creating spaces that feel your own a little challenging.

Today I sit down with Jessie to talk all about her best tips for transforming your rental space so that it feels like home. She also shares her best moving hacks she's learned as a military mom who has moved her family many many times.

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Jessie is the blogger, interior designer and muscle behind She is a fearless & unstoppable DIY-er ... sometimes to the point of madness! 😉 She's a military wife and mama to 3, so we are always on the move and there is never a dull moment & i wouldn’t have it any other way!

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what i'm loving this week

Cricut Maker — Its like a printer but it can cut things...and also use a pen to draw out stuff.

I LOVE this because my DIY style is to go for upscale projects with an elevated feel that look expensive — like an Anthropologie piece you paid $200 for except you made it for $35 — instead of more "crafty" diy projects that don't feel as sophisticated.

This machine makes it so easy to achieve that polished look with projects.

I've recently been making some Never Skip Brunch Aprons for my DIY workshops and they are coming out looking so polished and official.

For these I'm using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and they are way easier than I thought they would be to make. Like, I made 15 aprons in under two hours!

I also use HTV on wood for some DIY wood signs because it bonds really well and looks super elevated.

If you've been thinking about a Cricut, I totally recommend it because it can take your DIY projects to the next level.


stuff we just need to talk about

New Fave Store: At Home

Ok, so I knew this store existed and that it was amazing, but I had NEVER BEEN to an At Home store until yesterday.

It really is amazing! What I loved most was the overwhelming amount of options, because as a picky person my pet peeve is to drive all the way to a box store only to be able to choose from like 2 options.

I'm excited to shop there for furniture and wall decor for my new house, but also loved the HUGE selection of holiday stuff — they were just putting out the Christmas decor and they have everything in every possible color so I know I'll be going back before the holidays to stock up.


let's talk about it!

Have you been out of the loop / not been to an At Home store yet!? Is it your favorite and can't believe I've been living under a rock?

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...just in case you wanna read

Cara: 00:00 You're listening to the Make Space Podcast, episode number eight.

INTRO: 00:22 Hey, welcome to Make Space a home design show made to inspire you to create spaces you truly feel at home in Cara Newhart. Sits down with amazingly brilliant guests for conversations that dive deeper than pin worthy rooms. To tease out the essentials of creating spaces that feed your soul and inspire your creativity from home design strategies to decor, advice to interior design, tips and tricks. These conversations help you dream up a beautifully lived in home. Cara is the designer and chief creative enthusiast's behind, Never Skip Brunch. Her work has been featured in print publications like people style watch and Denver Style magazine as an influencer. Cara has collaborated with brands like Amazon, h and m, Twitter and Thrillist. Here's your host, Cara Newhart.

Cara: 01:19 Hey guys, it's Cara and I am excited for yet another episode of make space. Before we dive in, just a quick little reminder to rate and review the podcast if you haven't already. Um, I love reading all the reviews and it really does mean so much. It helps other people find this podcast that might be interested in it and it's really just so encouraging to see that you guys are enjoying that. So take two seconds and at least give it some stars. Um, if you have a little more time, I would love if you left an honest review because that's gonna help me give you guys what you need to make sure this is a success for you and helping you create, um, those spaces that you feel at home. And so if you do leave a review, just screenshot it before you submit it and then email that to and my team will send you our free interior design project guide, which walks you through how to do an interior design project in your own home.

Cara: 02:22 Kind of some of the things you need to consider is super, super helpful if you are redesigning a space in your home and it's all free if you leave us a review. So that's just a little way I want to give back because they really do mean so much. Okay. Enough of that today we have one of my blogger besties, Jessie who is literally just one of my favorite people to talk to. She is so hilarious and positive. Um, she's the blogger, interior designer and muscle behind She is a fearless and unstoppable DIY or a military wife and a mama to three. She's literally always on the move like both being active and like physically moving, which is why she is literally the perfect person to chat with when it comes to all things, rental decor and moving tips. Um, so let's dive into this episode because you guys, she has so many good tips, like so many things that really are helping me so much with my move cause we're in the process of doing that this fall as you probably know if you've been around here. Um, but also just great tips. If you're not moving and you're a renter and you want to really like make the space your own. She kind of dives into that because she's done it like nine or 10 times. This is the first house she's owned is the one she's currently in, so she's rented like all her life. Anyway, let's jump in because she's literally amazing. You guys are going to fall in love.

Jessie: 03:54 Hello?

Cara: 03:55 Hi. How are you?

Jessie: 03:57 Good, how are you?

Cara: 03:59 Oh my gosh. So excited.

Jessie: 04:01 I'm so excited too. I'm so nervous.

Cara: 04:04 Don't be nervous. This is going to be fun. It's going to be great.

Jessie: 04:07 I'm ready. I'm ready for ya.

Cara: 04:09 So today I have one of my blogger besties on and we are talking rental decoration and some moving attempts because this girl has moved a gazillion times to so many different places and you have so many good tips. So much good advice.

Jessie: 04:25 I have moved so many times. You're very correct. I think I've moved a 10 times since I've been married for the last 14 years. So do the math. It's a lot. And then my dad was in the navy too, so I moved as a child as well, about eight times. So I am a professional mover for sure. And I'm a professional house renter as well because uh, the house that we live in right now is the very first home that we've ever, so before that, all the other 10 houses we have, I rented and just really tried to make our own even though they weren't ours.

Cara: 05:04 So yeah. Yeah. That's like another level of challenge. I feel like when I rented the few apartments that I had, it was like, there's no motivation to really make it cute. Right. Cause I was like, it's not mine and I'm moving into yours. So why do I want this car?

Jessie: 05:20 I think the best thing about me is that like, I didn't ever own anything, so I didn't realize like the magnitude of things that you could actually do to your house. Like I mean, now that I own my house, I obviously like demolish it and renovate it and break it down to the studs. But before that I had no idea that you could even like do something like that really. So I've come up with many, many ideas of what to do. Yeah. So let's first talk about like rental decor and then we can talk about all your moving tips.

Cara: 05:53 Um, cause I'm moving and I need all your tips.

Jessie: 05:55 So many, and no matter how tips I give you, you will still never be ready to move some. No. And I'm still not going to be, I feel like you learned something every time I'm having a kid. Every time you have a kid it's like something completely new. You think you're a professional and you're not. And it's just always something. It makes you grow. You can always get better. And you learned things along the way. So, um, rental tips. Okay. So my biggest thing that for renting is I would contact your, uh, your landlord and I would ask them like how far you can go in decorating before you start anything. Just really see, yeah, what they're willing to let you do. And a lot of times renters want their houses to look better. So sometimes they'll even pay like for all the supplies and allow you to do things that you didn't think you could do in the beginning.

Jessie: 06:54 Maybe you don't like the backsplash. And you're like listen, If you pay for the backsplash, like I will literally do the work myself and they'll allow that because they want to improve their home even though it's like a rental property. So my first tip is, yeah, contact the people and really see what they're willing to do. And if they don't want you to do anything like that, that's totally fine too. My biggest thing that I always do when I move into a house is, well first I take tons of photos because even if you meet the landlords and the renters and you think they're amazing and they're so nice and you know, like they'll never do anything. Like you never know what's going to happen. So you want to make sure you have tons of pictures of what the property looks like before you get in there just to protect yourself because you always want, sure you want that money back.

Jessie: 07:41 You want your, you know, your, your deposit back always. And you're always banking on it as that extra money, that cushion for them. So you really want to make sure you're covered. But there's tons of pictures and whatever you think you don't need to take pictures of. Yeah, take a picture of it's takes two seconds. Easy, quick. Dot. So that'll be my first thing. Take pictures. What I normally do when I first get into, I pick accent walls, like focal walls and I really think about like what, because you don't want to do like the whole entire space. So like normally I'll ask like, am I allowed to paint normally 100% of the time I've dealt with is they always say yes and they just request that you paint it back to the color that is Scott there. So I always do all my kids rooms first because I want you to settled the most, you know?

Jessie: 08:32 And that makes it feel like it's there house and their space. And so I don't paint the whole room. I pick a wall and I do an accent wall in a color. And then I normally put the bed on there. And so like when you walk in, it's a nice focal spot and you don't even realize like the rest of the room isn't painted. And then the kids love that cause it's their own space and like they got to pick the colors know and that really helps with the transition of moving cars. Moving is not easy for you know, adults, but it's really not easy for kids to, so this helps them feel like they have some kind of control over their situation, which is always nice. And so for my space, like I always do like what do you really see when you walk in?

Jessie: 09:14 What's your first space? And I try to go at that space the most and really like focused in on that. So I would paint the wall. Um, so another good idea that I do is I make a gallery wall and a gallery walls. Good point. A lot of space. You get all your pictures in there and you're not, if you don't want to paint, it's a good option, you know, really like is a nice decorative space. All you're doing when you leave is you're filling these like little tiny holes. And I mean that is another suggestion. I use the tiniest. I find, um, a lot of people I know actually use like the command strips and the hooks. I just use like the little [inaudible] like a thumbnail kind of thing, you know, just tap them into the wall. Not anything heavy. I really consider not hanging.

Jessie: 10:05 I normally don't anchor anything into a wall and unless its crucial and necessary. Or if there's like an anchor already on a wall, I'm like, Ooh, going a half. Let's put it there. Huh.

Cara: 10:16 So how do you deal, how do you deal with like ugly or old floors? Like do you just throw rug on it? Have you ever like replaced those or done something over it?

Jessie: 10:26 So that would be the thing. Like I would ask your, um, your landlords ask them what you're allowed to do. But the Po is it tile is like awesome. It really like changes the whole space. It just peels, sticks. You do. Um, it's removable and then you know, if you're real good about it, you could probably take it to your next house with you too, if you really want it too. So I, I would suggest that rugs are also like a good investment.

Jessie: 10:53 I always had like really Nice rugs that I loved and I would make sure that I take those with me. Yeah. The peel and stick stuff though is like amazing and you can use that for x slash two for your titles. Like it's definitely like an option. You know, if you really want to do something and you don't want to just like cover it up but you don't also want to do like the big like lake work of actually like tie like bass and I mean it's not your house. Like why would you want to put in all that work? Right. So it just depends on like how serious you are. But rugs are good. You on stage, you could ask if you can paint the tile. We really try to make it my own and stuff. And then yeah, thing that I noticed like a bunch of my like military friends who we all move and stuff is whenever we move we buy one nice light fixture.

Jessie: 11:43 I mean light fixtures are expensive, but if you find one that you like absolutely love, like, and so then switching out a light fixture is like 30 minutes Max. I mean that changes the look of a space. Yeah. Change Out the light fixture too. Dated Light fixture that's in your dining room. Yeah. I mean it will make a huge difference. And then you take it with you when you're gone, like, you know what I mean? Because you're not leaving it there. It's coming with you. Save the boxes though. Always super boxes. Yeah. Yeah. The boxes moving one oh one save every box ever. Yes. I need big, big ticket items. I always say the box tds, light fixtures, anything that you really are concerned about those boxes. Cause I'm telling you, you're, I don't want them, when you go to move, you're going to be like, I ended up going to saved it.

Cara: 12:35 Yeah. So before we fully move on to dive into moving, are there any more like renter friendly or a moveable like decor ideas that yes, it would be really good to do.

Jessie: 12:48 My, one of my favorite things is uh, uh, like plants. So like plants really change like the look of a space, but you can't take plants with you ever. Like I've moved to Hawaii and customs won't let you take [inaudible] anything over like that or Germany. They're also same thing. So,.

Cara: 13:05 oh weird. I didn't even [inaudible].

Jessie: 13:07 you can't travel. Like you can't take those with you, which I know people really love real pants plans. I get that I kill everything. So say kill every plant. I, all of them, I even kill succulents. Like I can't even keep a stack. I'm out on the plants but I will buy, take plants that look really real, you know?

Jessie: 13:30 And that is like a really good, anything green like that and alive, fake alive. It really like helps your space look alive. Yeah. And that's something you can take cause you really have to think about like [inaudible] you have to take this stuff with you. And I mean most people don't move like overseas, but some people do. And like, even if you don't move overseas, like if you have to get on a plane, like you're not taking these pig big trees with you onto the airplane. You know, like a lot of companies don't like to move, stuff like that. So that is [inaudible] I would go with that. I would definitely do they fake fake plants all the way.

Cara: 14:10 Yeah. Have you done like peel, peel and stick wallpaper?

Jessie: 14:14 So I've never done peel and stick wallpaper, but I have done [inaudible] [inaudible] peel and stick like d cows, like mm.

Jessie: 14:21 Different like patterns. Like I did an accent wall in our bedroom in Germany and I did like the octagon and it looked like it was paper. And then when we left I just pulled them off. Yeah, we're ready to go. And we left. I also [inaudible] stencilled our living room wall in Germany and that made a big difference too. And all I had to do to leave [inaudible] throw a coat of paint. Actually I didn't paint it myself. Let them take the money out of my pocket. And at that point, by the time you're ready to move [inaudible] you're like just take it all like that. No, that would be totally me. Even with cleaning I'm like if I don't clean, clean it, like have take the money, whatever. What's the price so I don't have to do anything. I am all in on that one. Yes, yes.

Jessie: 15:10 But so the decal and the details are always really good in the kids rooms too because they're always changing their mind about what they like anyways. You know? You know I found a really bunch of cool ones like on Etsy sells them. It's a good, it's a good option. Yeah. If you really want change your space. So yeah. So okay. So when you like move into your new house, the furniture and decor that you've bought to fit perfectly in your last house is like probably not going to work perfectly in your new space. So what are some tips for transitioning your decor and furniture to a new space and making it look cohesive? I am literally still doing that right now in like my space. Like it's really employment. I've been here for like a year and a half and I realized all of a sudden I was like, wait, the right side of my house is all new.

Jessie: 15:58 Yeah. And exactly what, how I want it in the left side. Okay. There's all my previous stuff and I'm like, oh, like what do, how do I transition these [inaudible] so the thing about that is, is you buy these pieces of furniture, you buy a sectional or you'll buy something, you know, like not gonna fit in your new space. So you're going to be renting for a while. Like my sectional I got, yeah, Italy, it's like $1 billion and I can transition it [inaudible] into different like shapes, you know, to fit different styles of a room. Like so it was like long. Yeah. And like then, whereas my other one was like a really big square, so I was able to do that. Nothing ever fits the same way. So I, I would just be prepared for that. So you get all your stuff in. I always like look around and I'm like, okay, what?

Jessie: 16:49 Like what do I absolutely need? Because you can't, you do your entire house. But I will normally buy like one or two days because you know like that space is either empty because you didn't have that before. Right. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, like Aye, Facebook, you know, like things that you can find on there for so cheap. It's just ridiculous. I mean go to marketplace, like you can find a table and I have to do a lot of work to it, but it's worth it, you know? So I would definitely suggest that.

Cara: 17:19 So in terms of like declutter and before you move, like if you know you're moving to a house like that doesn't have an entryway and you've had an entryway, do you just bring all this stuff with you and like see if it fits and then de-clutter? Or do you like get rid of it before?

Jessie: 17:33 If you love it, I would take it with you because there might be another space. If you don't take it with you, you of course will need it. That seems to be the way it works. But if you like it, you know, take it with you. If you don't leave it behind because I promise you your will find a spot for you to put that ugly thing that you hate.

Jessie: 17:54 You bought it like it's there for life. So I mean I have literally like [inaudible] moved and like put stuff on the side of the curb of the road. Like while the movers are there, like there goes your projection TV buddy like when he wants to participate in that. So if you love it and take it, if you don't leave it behind anything that you are not feeling and do not feel like you want with you. I mean de-cluttering is huge to start like that would be like obviously the first thing super funny, you'll be like opening up boxes and you'll be like, why did I bring this? Like why did I, so it's funny like there's like two phases of the declutter. Like you'll be like oh maybe I'll take it. You take it and then you're like, you have this and then you also really have to think about like, okay, are you paying for like the pound like by wait for your move because that's like another like huge thing.

Jessie: 18:50 Like if you know your, your sectional is not gonna fit. Like I would sell it before you go. I get what you need there. Because if you're paying by the weight, like just leave it. If you're not going to use it, you know, because you really like just wasting money because you're going to get there. Like, man, why did I even bring this? Like this was so silly. Would you? Well it's inevitable.

Cara: 19:13 That's literally me packing for anything ever is like I arrived to vacation and I like packed 77 outfits for three days. Like why did I bring all?

Jessie: 19:22 well you're like I might need this. It could totally happen for me. Yeah, it's the same thing. But you, I mean like for me, like the military like pays for us to move and I've never had like a problem like weight-wise except for when I came back from Germany and that was because like I bought so many like antique, like pieces from like all over the world and I was like, I'm bringing it with, yeah, I don't care.

Jessie: 19:51 I don't care how much it costs. Like we're going to take it. These are like, you know, once in a lifetime. Fines. Yeah. Sorry about your luck. Like, but yeah, I always like if I'm like thinking about it and if I think I want it, I bring it [inaudible] but if I hate it and I'm like, I am definitely getting to table, you know, like I absolutely lead it always. Yeah. That's totally where I'm at. Like I need to declutter before the movers get here because otherwise they're just going to pack it all up. So I have to like find motivation and there's a few things I know I'm like, I don't want this table in our new house. Like, and then you gotta Watch the movie. They will pack. I mean they pack everything for free. Everything like your trash, like everything. Like it's crazy because they aren't, they're getting paid by the week normally.

Jessie: 20:41 So they really, they pack it all. So you have to be ready to go when get there. I'd be like so on it like you take this, this, not this. You know what I mean? Like really? Yeah, let's take like a room. Like it's normally a bathroom and I put everything that like don't want moved into the bathroom. So then like accidentally get taken like, so I do are like suitcases and then I normally tape off the door because that's good. They don't like to listen often. You know, they like are just like, and it says like do not pack like very big, very bold. Like please [inaudible] leave it alone. So, but, and then I always really separate things because they like, you think you're going to be able to watch them and they all like, there's normally like so many of them and they divide and conquer and all over your house.

Jessie: 21:36 Oh, you cannot like, you think you're going to be able to watch them? No, you cannot. So it's like you need to really be so ready when they get there. Yeah. So I've like, yeah, like when we moved into this house that we have from our apartment, we got movers and it was really easy because it was like a small apartment. So it's like, yeah, just take everything, but this time, I don't know.

Cara: 22:00 Right. Like I think I should be there to help, but part of me is like, I want to just leave and be like, you handle my sh*t

Jessie: 22:08 Well first off do not leave, like never leave ever because you just need somebody present to be like I'm watching you kind of thing. Yeah, I get you. It's super overwhelming and it's, well Joel, because like I was at met, like I was so attached, one of my things which are like, I hate, but like I got all these like amazing pieces from Europe and I like so much more emotional than normal. Whereas like normally you're just like, whatever, take it, break it, you'll pay for it. Like, you know, you get like, yeah. So my last move was like the most intense and I was like, I never want to feel attached to anything ever again. Too much. So yeah, I would definitely stay. I would watch, you know, they need somebody there just in case. Otherwise, I mean that throwing boxes around just in case.

Cara: 22:59 Yeah. Yeah. Like at the very least my husband's going to have to be here on duty, but I think it will be way more helpful in terms of like a smooth move if I'm not present here too. So I guess I won't go get Margaritas instead.

Jessie: 23:13 Get them. Yeah. Earned it. There we go. You really totally will earn it. And you'll be like, I need a 25 Margaritas.

Jessie: 23:24 I put it, you might even want to have a cocktail like ready to go halfway through your move. I mean, yeah, stress time. I'm just gonna take my little drink and go sit over here for a minute. Thank you. So you're ready.

Cara: 23:41 So I'm a terrible mover, which this is great cause then I get to just tell you my problems in the, you have all the answers. I'm okay. I'm ready. Yeah. Ready. Um, so I feel like I, I can be moderately organized when packing. Like you know, it's like this goes in here and this goes here. But then when I unpack it is a total mess. Like I'm unpacking random boxes. Like as I feel like I'm throwing stuff everywhere. Do you have any good strategies for unpacking?

Jessie: 24:07 So my strategy for unpacking is color code. All of my boxes. I like the living room would be like blue dining room green and I go back after like the movers cause they'll like label stuff.

Jessie: 24:20 Yeah but it's not which you think it would be like labeled, you know and it's just, it gets so confusing. Yeah. So I have like a key, like I'm normally OCD about many things but thing I've learned that the more organized you are, you know like on your back end when you actually are moving back into a space. So I would make sure like all of your stuff is where it's supposed to be when the movers get there, you know, like one, everything in your living room to be in your living room, like everything for your, in your bedroom. And that would be very clear that you do not want okay. To be mixed up together. Right. I would just be like, you know, like really organized. So I do, I, so I color code everything. Sure. Okay. All those boxes are where they're supposed to be when we move in.

Jessie: 25:07 So when I am opening up these boxes, like at least like I'm in the same room that I should be in, you know, like, so I'm not going from room to room putting things into different spots that they don't really like belong. Yeah. So I would definitely color code, which sounds weird, but I like, so I go back through and I put stickers on all the boxes, my key for me. And then when I get to the other end, all the guys like blue is the living room, you know? And I just shouted out as they go past me. They move so quick. Yeah. And you can't read what they wrote. Like a lot of times you can't see their hands understand they're hammered out. So, but if they walk by and I see blue, I'm like blue living room, green dining room, you know?

Jessie: 25:50 And they're like, okay. And then I put um, colors like in the room, like on the wall. Like, so I put like a big green like construction paper, like on the wall and blue and it makes it really easy. Yeah. When we are in a foreign country too, because they didn't speak English at all. Yeah. Yes. They saw the color. I mean everything was where it was supposed to be and that's always helpful. Nice. But my, so people do it like differently for like moves. Like I know some people that just like to open up like box by box and like really put things away. One thing, um, I just like the military will allow the companies to open up all your boxes for you. And like they just put everything on the floor. It's like the most overwhelming thing ever. But it gets done so quick because you cannot look at that for longer than a few days.

Jessie: 26:43 You know what I mean? Like all of that staring at you like that's so overwhelming. Where's a box? You're like, oh, I'll get to that later. You know, like Oh, time for that. And you can like stack them in the corner out of the way versus like, oh I can't walk in this room. Yeah. Out of sight, out of mind, I'm telling you, I cannot tell you the amount on, my husband still has two boxes in the basement that I'm like, can you open up those boxes of like clothes? And I'm like, at this point I'm like, I'm just going to throw it away because you, you've lived without it. You don't miss it. It's trash. But so I don't know. I really like it all out there. And then I liked the boxes gone because [inaudible] you don't realize like how much space like boxes and paper when you start like unwrapping things.

Cara: 27:28 Yeah, they take up all the space everywhere.

Jessie: 27:31 Yeah. And then another thing that I like to do for when we move is like I do the kitchen first always. And then I go to the bedrooms because like you have to have your kitchen set up. Like once you have your kitchen set up it's like okay, you can like start feeding people again and you can really start getting back into the swing of things. Yeah. [inaudible] and then I saved like all the other like rooms, you know for later. And then normally like decorative wise, I keep all of this stuff like in a corner in a pile. Okay. And I really like stay in the house and really think about like where I want to like place everything.

Cara: 28:12 Yeah. Cause you might be like moving stuff from room to room when with decor.

Jessie: 28:16 Right.

Jessie: 28:16 So decor, I always do like really like at the end and I let everything just like sit for a while, like all the furniture and just like once you put it in there you're like, oh I like it like this. And then after and they're like a week, you're like, you know, no, I think, well yeah I think the sectional should be turned this way because the light hits it. You really start seeing things that you didn't see right away. So I always just put my decorative stuff like to the side and I just like, right and really think about what I wanted to do. That sounds easier. So like people will like really like, oh just hang this up on the wall because you know it's easy to do, but I'm telling you normally you're always going to regret that decision cause you're like, oh I want to put this here.

Jessie: 29:01 You know, that'd be my suggestion. But that's telling me.

Cara: 29:03 I would be like, oh I want to decorate because decorating is fun and I don't want to do the boring part.

Jessie: 29:09 Yeah, it's your, yeah, it me too. I mean like that's my favorite thing and it's like the best part and that's the easiest way to make it feel like you are so quickly. But I'm telling you every time like that, it's not where I want to keep it. Anything. Oh then you're like, yeah, because like I've literally like changed like a dining room into like a sitting up. You don't want, I mean like within like a week's time cause I'm like, you know, actually I don't like that I'm going to switch it. Because you have like an idea. Yeah. Normally you see like how the people had their stuff ahead of time, you know, you like looked at it so that normally for most people is like stuck in your head a little bit.

Jessie: 29:47 So you get your stuff in and the movers come in, they're quick. So you just have everything kind of placed how they did. Okay. And then I think once you're in there, you can really start thinking about how you can change it to your own space. And it doesn't have to be the way it was, you know? Right, right.

Cara: 30:06 Like make it fully yours.

Jessie: 30:07 Absolutely. So I, that's what I always try to on load at all. Just throw it out there, rip that off and give it to me. I'm like never. Oh, but it ha it gets done quick, which is always a good thing. Yeah. And then you can go back and do like all the details that you really want to do. But I, uh, I started in the kitchen. I then I do the kids' bedrooms, then I do my bedroom bathrooms. No, like work my way into the middle of the house, you know, like dining room room kind of thing. So, or I always set up a space for my husband like to sit so he can like not bother me, you know? So I'm like, here's your TV.

Jessie: 30:54 So you know, like, think about like what you really like or if you have kids and you'd need them to be like entertained. Like you set up a TV or you know, cause I mean, you really do meet everybody occupied for, sometimes you get everything done. [inaudible] I'm sure for sure it's going to be fun. You're going to have an amazing time, right? Like it's not the worst. It's not the worst. It's like a new vendor. It always is. Like, even when I've like moved some times I'm like so scared to move and then I meet the most like incredible people or we have the most amazing experiences and like [inaudible] it just like changes the way like the person that you are to from these like move because you really have to grow, you have to put yourself out there, terrible situations and it's, I mean it's such a cool experience too.

Cara: 31:46 Okay. I don't know you fill this way, but I feel like it's made you really good at making friends fast. Like when I first met you it was like an hour and I was like, oh, new best friends. Like you're just so welcoming.

Jessie: 31:56 And it was like, well that, I think that that gets like easier, like each move. So I learned like really quickly after probably like maybe my third move, like uh, from all these like other military wives who have like done this a billion times, they would move in and they would come and knock on my door and be like, hi, I'm Jesse. Like I just moved here. I just wanted to introduce myself, which you don't see anybody do any more. Like you don't see people move in and they really, so they really would like seek out people introduce themselves and that's like what I have like grown.

Jessie: 32:34 Yeah. To do. And I also know that like my time is short, so like I get my house set up like I make friends quickly because I don't know how long I'm going to be there. I could be there for like eight years. I could be there for a year. So just like you have oh yourself all in and yeah, if you tell yourself that you're going to be like an open person, like I feel like people gravitate towards that because they feel that like energy pats. No, I love it. Like if you're, yeah, if you're an open person, like that comes back to you, you know, like you want to make sure you're making eye contact with people and you're smiling. Everybody else feels so uncomfortable too. You know, just like put yourself out there first. I know we don't, whereas sometimes people will like look at me like, oh Geez.

Jessie: 33:23 And I'm like, okay, well it's your weird then they're not your people and that's fine too. You know what I mean? Like I've learned for moving like you really need like one good friends. Like honestly like yeah, nice to have like a lot of friends. Yeah I see that all the time. But if you have like one solid person, like you're good and then you can like build on that. But I always suggest like I'm really just right away because if you don't put yourself out there like right away it gets harder and harder. Like each time, you know, like you might see somebody and you didn't introduce yourself like right away and then you see them again and you're like, oh I can kind of weird cause I didn't say anything that first time or you know, like just stare to get in there and then don't be afraid to like, I always like forget people's names. Like I always try to remember him and like come up with some like, yeah, see my head, you know?

Jessie: 34:21 Yeah. Like something to associate them. So I will remember their name, but there's been certain people like I don't know their need for like a whole year. Like how embarrassing is that? I just asked, oh yeah, right away and be like, I'm so sorry. I'm so embarrassing. I can't remember anything. I have three children. What's your name again? Like, you know, and they're like, oh, that's totally me. And then I go let it go too long. And then it's like so awkward like Pan ask now. Now like we all went on a family vacation together. I can't ask you that, but you can ask for it and it's not as embarrassing and they're normally like, oh my goodness, thank goodness, what's your name? You know, like, so yeah, like they don't remember either. I always like just try to remember that if you're feeling like uncomfortable about something, like normally nine out of 10 times like so is everybody else, you know.

Jessie: 35:10 So like you are the person who puts themselves out there first. Like it really does come back to you and you make friends quickly and you want to have a support system that's [inaudible] big thing with moving. You want to have people, you want to know people and yeah, I think you're filling out those like forms for school. Who's your emergency contact? My next door neighbor that I met two minutes ago because that's the only cars. So you really have to, it's good to just really get out there and try not to. Me Too. I'm like so awkward and socially awkward. Sorry. And then you know, maybe throw out your weirdness. Be like, I'm always, I always tell people I'm socially awkward and they always laugh cause they think I'm like, I obviously am socially awkward, but you're just, you're like warm and welcoming and you're like, I'm awkward. And we're like, no, your phone people love it that you're awkward too. Because then they're like, oh thank goodness. So am I fake it till you make it. Like I just like pretend, but in my head I'm like dying chanting your name over and over again and I'm sweating. I'm like, what's that mustache? Underneath my news.

Jessie: 36:30 Low hugs, low hugs. So awkward. Okay. Yes. So I would suggest just really make some friends and put yourself out there and then if you find out that those aren't your people, like you [inaudible] I them too quick cause this is happened. Yeah, you're like retreat, retreat, that retreat. You know like just be like, okay, just kind of distance yourself a little bit slowly and yeah, it always works out. They always get the hit so awful. This is so good.

Cara: 37:01 This all really got me me really amped up to move. I'm like, Oh okay im going to go make friends and be sweaty and awkward and it's fine. They're going to love me.

Jessie: 37:08 Right. They will. You're so amazing. They are going to love you and you're going to have the best time. I really do think like everybody should have to like move. I just said an adult because I really do think, yeah, grow as a person.

Jessie: 37:20 Like I had the worst anxiety when I like first moved to, I couldn't talk to anybody and I couldn't like do anything and I felt like go anywhere. And then I started having kids and then that made me like have to get out of that anxiety. And then it's the more times I do it, I'm just like, okay, well, you know, I've done this. I know what happens, I know what I have to do. And even though I don't like it a lot of times, you know, like you still have to do it and it, it helps and it works. And I mean he, that awkward person, I always them, they'll either feel bad for you or they'll love you. So either way.

Cara: 37:58 Yeah. Either way you're good to go. Yeah. So do you have any, like anything we forgot any like moving hacks that are game changers or decor, things that we forgot to talk about?

Jessie: 38:11 Um, so I always, I put all my blankets, like my bedding and my towels and everything and even my curtains a lot of time because like they'll just throw them in with like all your other stuff. Sometimes they'll use them as padding but great. I mean boxes are, yeah, roasts, like, you know what I mean, like a dirty and like that's sure bedding, which of course I wash anyways when I get there. But just to having it a little bit more covered and secure, I always, I always feel better about always. And then I'm trying to think what else. My spices, a lot of times people will move like spices and stuff, so I put them in micro ahead of time. Places are expensive. Like to replace those. Right. And they last a long time forever. Yeah. Put it in your crockpot. I tape it up and I'm like, Oh yeah, I don't know what's in there. Just my weed. No big deal.

Jessie: 39:10 I'm sure to think, uh, food is another thing. Like, so before you move like a month out, I really start thinking about like what I have in my cabinets. In my freezer, what I need to get rid of in that amount of time, you know, and try not to buy anything extra because like, I mean, you should see some of our dinners, like towards the end it's like man cakes workshops for dinner. Like, I mean it's the weirdest assortment of food with like ketchup and Jelly, you know, I mean, you're really trying to get rid of all that, all that stuff. So that's like another suggestion cause like you forget about it and then, oh my God, I have a stocked freezer of food, you know, like what am I, I'm gonna do with this. And I mean your neighbor's gonna love that when you give it to them, but, oh yeah.

Cara: 40:00 All my whole herb garden is just going to be free to whoever buys our house because its flourishing.

Jessie: 40:05 And it's like, of course, because you normally kill everything. So now you get something going. Yeah, I know of all the things and it's like, okay, bye.

Jessie: 40:17 Before long life. I love it. I'm trying to think where else. So like when the movers come, I have um, tons of like Ziploc bags like ready to go. I have like the sandwich on all different sizes [inaudible] and then [inaudible] that way I can like put cords are parts and stuff into those bags and then I labeled them with duck tape them or whatever to the actual product. They take apart everything. So like, yeah, you'll get to your news and you're like, oh my God, where are the bolts from? My dining room table. It's like, I don't know, like, yeah. So still wrap it in paper and then just like duck tape it, you know, together. So yeah, the amount of times that something like that has been thrown away is just ridiculous. Oh my gosh. Just like rolled up. Yeah, it looks like trash. Yeah.

Jessie: 41:06 So at that point you're like, everything's trash. Trash, like get an out of this. So if you have it in Ziploc bags, you can see it, you know what it is. [inaudible] I always save all my high ticket receipts. Like I have the receipts like in a folder ready to go so that I can claim those products and I have the receipts and so they have to pay what it's actually worth instead of just, you know, whatever they want. $5. Yeah, no, anything that's like really personal to me. I take with me. I feel like if something, it's like so valuable comes with me and comes on the airplane like my jewelry or if I wrap that up ahead of time too. If you can't take it with you, like really wrap it up and then like tell your movers like listen, this is the most important thing in this like house.

Jessie: 41:59 I need you to take [inaudible] and they'll like, they will really? Yeah. If you tell them to do something like that, they like really [inaudible] pay attention to that and you just stand there and watch them. You know, they like, I want you, let's see it. Yeah. That would be my only suggestion. But some things are not replaceable and you just, it's not replaceable. So just really watch those items kind of group them together. Yeah, me and this was all so good. I'm so excited for this episode because not only do I have a ton of tips, we're moving, but like this is going to be so helpful for everyone. No excited for me. I think you're going to do so good. Yeah. Woo.

Cara: 42:39 Oh, but actually for serious, yeah, let's tell everyone where they can find you online.

Jessie: 42:42 Okay. You like your website. So I am online. Uh, my blog is eye in the detail that's e y e [inaudible], um, dot com and Instagram, same thing I and the detail.

Cara: 42:56 Okay. And then you have some like post about moving right that we can link to in the show notes.

Jessie: 43:02 I do. I um, my good friend Jen, she just did a move recently and she did a blog post about [inaudible] top like military moving tips or anybody really moving tips, but she's obviously a professional too. And then we have another blog post in there about like, uh, fine houses and like different tips and stuff for that. So like there's like two good blog posts are yeah, that are really helpful for mover is a first time moving or even your second time. You know, like it's always helpful to hear different ideas.

Cara: 43:36 Well thanks again. This was so much fun.

Jessie: 43:38 Sure. Girl, I had so much fun too. Thank you for having me.

Cara: 43:42 Of course.

Jessie: 43:46 Alrighty. Bye.

#OBSESSED: 43:59 Hashtag obsessed.

Cara: 44:03 Okay. The thing that I'm obsessed with this week is my circuit maker. So I got this for Christmas and I honestly used it like once before. So it's been like six or seven months. Um, it is amazing. I just figured out how to do like iron on vinyl so I can cut out custom patterns and then iron them on. Um, I've been making these aprons for some DIY workshops that I'm going to teach so everyone can have one to where to save their clothes while they're at the workshop and putting my logo on them and making it look custom and oh my gosh, you guys, it looks so like polished and professional and I can't believe I made it. Um, if you know anything about my crafting style, I am not a fan of things that look like cheesy. I Dunno, that's not the right word, but like I want my DIY eyes to feel really upscale like anthropology knockoffs or stuff you could have found at like west elm or like really nice stuff that you just spent less money on.

Cara: 45:06 Um, versus like hot gluing a tennis stuff together. I mean, don't get me wrong, I use hot glue, but there's a lot of like crafty crafts that just kind of look cheap and a lot of DIY guys that just kind of look cheap and I'm not like, that's not my style. I want it to be really functional and really, really beautiful and look like I paid $1,000. So, um, I've really, really been enjoying the cricket because I keep wanting to call it a circuit even though it has like little antennas on the logo. But my cricket because it really helps you achieve that polished look without like a lot of effort. Um, I can put my, all my designs and have it just cut it for me and it is polished and gorgeous. And also I learned that this iron on like heat transfer vinyl works really good on wood.

Cara: 45:57 So when it comes to like making wood signs, I could cut out some vinyl and then heat, press it onto my wooden signs and it will look really great. So if you've been thinking about a cricket, I know they're like pricey. It was obviously my Christmas gift. Um, cause I kind of bought it just for fun. Not necessarily like because they had a thousand things I wanted to make. But if you're thinking about one, I totally recommend it. You guys, it's so much fun to use and now I have so many things that I want to make. Like I literally made, um, some paint brushes for the workshop that have like the, my Instagram handle on them and like I'm just vinyl ing all the things right now and I'm having so much fun. So if you've been thinking about it, um, I would recommend it.

WAIT, WHAT?: 46:41 Wait, what?

Cara: 46:57 Okay. My shocking fact for this week is that today, for the very first time I went to an at home store, I had literally never been, and I cannot believe I had missed out. Like I knew they existed. I had heard people like, oh, I found this sit at home. And I just thought it was like, oh, it's just similar to home goods. But no, it is freaking ginormous. It's a whole warehouse. They have so many more options and it's amazing. Like I literally just wandered around getting Inspo for 45 minutes and I had Ella with me and every single thing she saw, she was like, can we get this for our new house? She's like really set on getting some kind of like gorgeous, dramatic floor mirror. So I told her she could have a princess mirror in her room, but oh my gosh, you guys, they have really good seasonal stuff.

Cara: 47:48 Um, it was priced decent. Like I, I kind of thought it'd be a little less expensive judging by like the vibe of the store, like Costco Warehousey vibe. Um, but like it was still pretty good. Like it's cheaper than a lot of places you could get things and some of the like aesthetics of things and like the way they looked, they look really pricey. So I'm all about that. Um, but yeah, I couldn't, I can't believe I haven't gone like, there's so many options and I was really excited to discover that store. So yeah, not sure you'll be confident taking interior design advice from the girl who has never been to an at home, but I have now and I am, I am in the loop. I am all about it and I think it is my new favorite store, at least for this month.

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